These Wall Decor ideas to show you how amazing wall art can elevate your living space right now.

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What better time to be decorating than now, less than a couple months away from festive season celebrations.

Why? Because this is the time to get into the flow of creating a space that is welcoming (hello visiting family and friends) warm, inviting, cosy, friendly and convivial.

All in all, you want your home to feel like a sanctuary that celebrates and epitomises who you are. Your values, your style and your vibe.

Your space needs to make you feel fully expressed. And nothing can make you feel more expressed than owning original art.

Investing in art is a means if personal expression.

Whether you want to create an eclectic home that exudes wanderlust or a simply create a dreamy vibe in it, there is a way you can create a truly high vibe home that celebrates you and your art aesthetic.

You don’t need to be creative or artistic to have an aesthetic either.

Pick one of these 7 trending ideas that resonates with you.

Copy the aesthetic, shop for the similar products or better yet, invest in your favourite artwork at an affordable price.

In this blog post I give your 7 wall decor ideas to inspire you to decorate with and invest in art you love!

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1. Wall decor ideas for an Aristocratic, Grand Millennial look-and-feel

I can’t resist binging on aristocratic interiors on Pinterest, just for a little inspiration and budget-friendly hacks.

The timeless quality makes it worth investing in some of the objects, furniture and art that are synonymous with the aesthetic. And you don’t need to get everything, you can get away with just getting one piece.

For example, ornate gold frames, tapestries, antique chairs, vintage wooden tables and antique books.

Of course, the art aspect interests me in particular with regard to choosing the right art to display.

I always assumed that displaying original art or ageing, vintage prints were the most appropriate and acceptable wall art for an ‘old world’ interior.

But, I’m relieved to see how that has evolved and I love browsing interiors combining the old and inherited with splashes of contemporary irreverence and fearlessness.

I’m all for balance in order to keep it interesting and to prevent things from getting mono-dimensional.

For instance, why not include a contemporary charcoal drawing alongside original, antique chairs and framed inside an original, antique or gilded frame.

antique, grand millenial style, vintage, aristocratic living room with fireplace and a gold-framed fine art print of the Olive gReen Charcoal Still Life by hanging over it. There is a live fire in the fireplace creating a warm, cosy atmosphere that is highly desirable.
Framed artwork: ‘NaturalDigital Downloads Collection by © 2023

To maintain that cultivated look, you could even go further and combine smaller vintage drawings with one contemporary print or original artwork.

The idea is to great a feeling of contrast that is subtle, meaning you won’t know it until you look closer or it’s pointed out to you.

Image: The Glam Pad

2. Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor – a weekend away vibe

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we all yearn for that blissful escape to a cozy weekend retreat, a place where we can unwind and recharge. But what if you could bring that laid-back, charming atmosphere right into your home? And find the right art to match it.

Modern farmhouse wall decor can include anything for vintage art prints to original art, as long as it captures that desirable “weekend away” vibe within your space.

Image: BSL Studios

Whether you’re a city dweller or a country enthusiast, you can transform your home into a sanctuary that exudes rustic charm and relaxation.

These examples perfectly encapsulate a feeling of the uncomplicated, laid-back sophistication of a serene getaway.

Image: The Homepage

3. Wall decor ideas for an Industrial Chic living room

Transforming your living room apartment into an industrial chic haven is all about finding the perfect balance of raw, edgy elements and cozy comforts.

When it comes to wall decor, there are plenty of creative ideas to achieve this sought-after aesthetic.

Consider exposed brick walls as a stunning backdrop, enhancing the room’s industrial character.

Industrial-inspired art pieces, such as metal sculptures or oversized gears, can add an authentic touch. Think along the lines of vintage signs, reclaimed wood shelving, and open pipe shelving are practical and stylish options to display your favourite items while contributing to the overall theme.

Also, mixing in soft textiles like distressed leather or faux fur throws will create a cozy contrast against the industrial backdrop, making your living room apartment a unique and inviting space that truly embodies the industrial chic style.

This example, despite the location, displays art that can be affordable and easily accessible.

4. Style your wall decor for an Imperfect Sensibility

For those with an imperfect sensibility, decorating your walls becomes an exciting journey of embracing flaws and celebrating the beauty of imperfection.

This aesthetic is the perfect (no pun intended) pick if you’re a little jaded with interior trends or just, and quite understandably, living on a budget, but high on personal style and self-expression.

Consider investing in abstract and unique artwork that reflects the unpredictable nature of life, where asymmetry and irregularities are cherished.

Vintage and weathered mirrors can add character to your space, amplifying the charm of imperfection.

Be bold and mix and match different frames as well as wall hangings to create a gallery wall that feels like a work in progress.

And don’t shy away from showcasing the rough textures of your walls either. Perhaps leave exposed brick or peeling paint to tell a story of authenticity.

Embrace the art of wabi-sabi, where the natural passage of time is celebrated, and let your wall decor be a reflection of your unique and imperfect sensibility.


5. Flaunt your Quirky, Offbeat personality with these wall decor ideas

Let your home reflect your vibrant, offbeat personality with wall decor that’s anything but ordinary.

Embrace the quirky side of life with a mix of playful and unique items that will undoubtedly spark conversation and bring a smile to your face.

Unconventional art pieces like abstract and surreal paintings can add a touch of whimsy to your space, while vintage or thrift store finds tell stories of bygone eras.

Create a gallery wall featuring a hodgepodge of frames and prints that showcase your eclectic taste.

Don’t forget to incorporate unconventional materials like vinyl records, vintage cameras, or even upcycled objects into your decor for an extra dash of personality.

Whether it’s mismatched furniture, oddball collectibles, or unconventional colour choices, let your walls be the canvas for your distinctive and quirky spirit, turning your home into a captivating reflection of your one-of-a-kind self.

quirky illustration art of ginger teat in that is a digital download for sale in the shop of, the art is displayed in a white wood frame with white matting and glass; this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas

Buy Art as an Instant Digital Download

Can’t afford to buy originals or fine art prints? Shipping too far? No problem, buy a digital download that you can print at your convenience.

Whether at your favourite printer or your home one, enjoy the convenience of downloading this digital file and printing your own wall art. It’s low cost and low risk.

Digital downloads are an excellent and cost effective way to star your own gallery wall, whether in your living room, bedroom, kids room or recreational room

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6. Town meets Country – effortlessly elegant wall decor ideas

Blending the best of both worlds, the “Town meets Country” aesthetic combines the refined elegance of urban living with the rustic charm of the countryside.

When it comes to wall decor, achieving this effortless elegance is all about striking the perfect balance.

Decorate your interior walls with a combination of vintage urban art, such as black and white cityscape photography, and rustic elements like reclaimed wood or barn doors.

Mirrors with ornate frames can add a touch of sophistication, while a collection of mason jar sconces or botanical prints will infuse a bit of rural warmth.

A subtle colour palette and carefully chosen textiles can further harmonise the town and country elements.

The key is to let your wall decor tell the story of a seamless connection between urban chic and rural simplicity, creating a space that exudes timeless and understated elegance.

7. Living a Chic life on a Budget – think college dorm room aesthetic

Living a chic life on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style, and you can draw inspiration from the trendy, creative spaces found in college dorm rooms.

Opt for budget-friendly wall decor that makes a big impact without breaking the bank.

Image Desenio

Think tapestries or removable wallpaper in bold patterns or artistic designs to instantly transform your space.

Gallery walls with thrifted frames and posters or prints from local artists can create a personalised and eye-catching focal point.

Image: PretaProvost

Incorporate functional and fashionable storage solutions, like floating shelves, to display your favourite trinkets and plants, adding a touch of vibrancy to your room.

Embrace DIY projects with wall art or photo collages to infuse your unique personality into your decor.

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can achieve a chic and stylish space that’s easy on the budget, proving that high style doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

Wall Decor Ideas – Conclusion

If you feel unsure about your art style or aesthetic at this stage in your life, I recommend you just start by picking one wall art or decor trend idea and go from there.

Experiment and invest in things that have less chance of giving you buyer’s remorse.

Invest in objects and furniture that are timeless and neutral in style. In this way you can use it as a blank canvas upon which to build.

In the long run, you’ll save money too.

What to do if you change your interior style and your art does not match it

Here’s the solution…

If you’re at that stage where you’re experimenting with styles or perhaps a college graduate where you’ve still got years ahead to decide what your interior design aesthetic is… I suggest investing in art by buying digital downloads instead.

When you buy digital downloads or printables of trending art or the art of a sought-after artist, you get to experiment with sizes as well as how the art actually makes you feel in your space.

Art isn’t just about superficial adornment.

Artwork is something that you invest in and live with. The price tag of your investment is up to you of course.

But, here’s the thing. When you buy a digital download it’s at the cheapest, most affordable price you can pay for good art. And once you’ve printed it at you convenience, you can live with it for a while, let it grow on you.

Better yet, if you decide you don’t like it or you change your interior aesthetic, you have no buyer’s remorse or guilt about spending all your hard earned cash. You can just wrap it up and store it for another day or save it for another home you might move into.

The point is, give yourself options and allow yourself the flexibility. And more interestingly, don’t get too hung up on trending styles either. You will land on the one that’s right for you eventually and find the art that’s exactly right for it too.

From minimalist and modern aesthetics to vintage and eclectic vibes, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you choose to embrace the tranquility of nature with botanical prints or immerse yourself in the glamour of art deco with geometric designs, your walls can truly become the backdrop of your dreams.

So, don’t hesitate to get creative, mix and match, and let your walls tell the story of your life and your passions.

Your home is your sanctuary, and these wall decor ideas are the key to making it a place where you can feel inspired, relaxed, and completely at ease.

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Wall Decor Ideas – how to look after your art investment

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So, protect your art investment and protect your wealth. And you can start with this handy guide.

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