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How to make your Canvas Painting a focal point

There is an effective way to decorate around a canvas painting and make it a focal point. In this article, we will provide you with 5 innovative and stylish ideas to decorate around your canvas painting.

5 Inspiring Wall Decor Trends and get 20% OFF now

Wall art, whether originals, fine art prints or printables can transform your living environment, making it a worthy investment as a gift to yourself or your favourite person. Here are 5 inspiring ways to interpret wall decor and they’re all still trending. Pick one and make it your own today!

Biodiversity Garden collection, artworks in hot pink and cyan, digital paintings created from an original photograph, framed and hanging on a bright yellow wall above an all white couch, wicker basket chair, with a laidback mediterranean vibe, the colours depict the Dopamine Decor trend; this is a feature image for the blog post titled: Wall Decor - 20 ideas to inspire and get 20% off fine art prints

Wall Decor Ideas – 7 Trends you’ll love and get 20% OFF right now

7 Wall Decor Ideas to show you how beautiful wall art can elevate your living space. These interior aesthetic trends will inspire and motivate you to kickstart your gallery wall or pick a style and learn how to decorate with it. You can also get a further 5% OFF any digital download of printable art. Give someone an art gift they’ll love forever.

Budget Gallery Wall – 8 Ways showing how to create one

Home decor project can often strain our budgets, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on style. Here are 10 ways to create an affordable gallery wall that captivates the viewer and reflects your personality and taste.

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