If you love traditional representational art, you’ll love this beautiful charcoal drawing artwork available right here in our online shop.

When you buy digital downloads from this shop you save money and give yourself the freedom to experiment with different art styles before you make a long-term, expensive commitment to buying original artwork.

These artworks are perfect for expanding your art collection to include drawings and more representational art, as opposed to abstract ones.

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What is this art print about?

This printable wall art is a still life of a close-up of a botanical scene in an urban garden.

This artwork was created from an exploration into the still life compositions found in the natural world, some using traditional crop windows.

This classic method of observation is a popular tool used by artists – both professional and amateur- to enable them to look closer, inspect and document with more accuracy, that which is not obvious or visible when looking at a composition on a larger, more expansive scale.

Why you should buy this charcoal drawing

Anyone who loves and appreciates classic, traditional drawing would love this.

But, for someone who wants their drawing art to evoke feelings of mystery and introspection, this is for them.

The style of this charcoal drawing is soft, wispy and almost moody. It reminds me of biomorphic forms in early morning mist, their shapes and curves softened by early morning light, perhaps overcast by the lack of sunshine yet to emerge through dense low lying fog, the atmosphere mysteriously calming, quiet and almost private.

It evokes still moments that are meant for a kind of comforting solitude, otherwise challenging to harness when the hustle and bustle of life starts to emerge.

Even though this artwork is quite dark and moody, the tonal treatment is soft, wispy and moody (in a good way!) that would complement any drawings that contain thin, delicate line work. So, it’s a great investment.

When you buy printable wall art it’s a worthy investment for many reasons.

First off, it’s really affordable as a digital download, see more. And when you purchase one you get 5% off as mentioned, and then as a bonus you also get various sizes, all included.

So, you can print at multiple sizes depending on the gallery wall or space you have available.i

Perhaps you’d like your loved ones to each receive a gift of the same artwork, each in a different size?

Remember that with this purchase you’ll also receive the bonus of unlimited downloads which never expires.

Too good to be true? Not at all.

You see, we LOVE to share art.

What other benefits are in it for you? Read on…

The best way to decorate with charcoal drawings

Red Charcoal Drawing with wide cream border in a bronze frame hanging on a red striped wall with different shades of red furniture in the foreground and green fern, next to a red curtain.
Red Copper’ Charcoal Drawing | Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

In terms of interior decor, these drawings work well amongst other botanical art in any medium. The more contrast, the better. So, if you already have art such as botanical drawings – contemporary or vintage – watercolor, pencil or ink, it would contrast well with this.

I also envisioned this artwork to be best installed in a quiet, private space. That’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed by more than one person at once.

I was thinking more in terms of a library room or study, preferably one with a fireplace.

It’s quiet, the mood is soft and contemplative.

And it also can be great for reading peacefully or indulging in a private conversation with a significant other or, as a relaxed and thoughtful space for a group of friends.

This could work in a living or dining room setting too, just make it’s not overpowered by more abstract, contemporary artwork.

Where can you buy this drawing as a digital download?

  • Click here to purchase this digital download directly from our shop
  • Or you can browse more digital downloads here
  • Or the rest of our other product listings here

Where you can buy more affordable art?

  • Buy fine art prints here
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  • View all art collections here – this is a good place to start if want a primer before buying.

How to properly install wall art

When you print your own art, you’ll want to learn how to hang wall art too. You can click here to find out how.

Want to learn more about creating an art aesthetic? Click here.

This could help you decide which digital downloads to buy when you know what your art style is or would like to be.

It’s a really valuable article and I highly recommend it which is why I keep it as cornerstone content on this blog.


Do you feel inspired to decorate with charcoal drawings?

Use the links I’ve provided for more inspo or to go straight to buy.

Including charcoal drawings into your gallery wall will add depth and evoke the sense of a cultivated collection and aesthetic.

A varied and well-balanced art collector’s portfolio is a good investment in and of itself.

It allows you to see the potential of different kinds of art that could potentially grow your wealth, especially when it comes to investing in original, handmade artwork.

But, there is also something special about buying and experimenting with digital downloads or printables as it’s also known.

Here’s why printing your own artwork (printable art) is a great idea:

  • It’s exciting to print your own canvas art
  • When you print your own wall art, you can create a very cost-effective gallery wall
  • You can choose the type of paper you want to print on such as giclee or museum quality, archival paper, it’s totally up to you

Here are 3 reasons to buy digital downloads today:

  • It’s very affordable.
  • There’s now buyers’ remorse. The investment risk is low. So, if you don’t like it anymore you haven’t spent a small fortune on art.
  • Included in this purchase are multiple, popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames. That makes it very easy for you to decorate with and built a gallery wall if you prefer.

Digital download or printables, give you flexibility. Meaning, you can print it on any type of paper – at a really affordable art price.

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