Olive Green Aesthetic – this colour fosters growth, wisdom and compassion

The Olive fruit triggers either a love or hate relationship with it for most people. But, the Olive Green colour is one that celebrates harmony and fosters growth. It’s also a soothing and warming colour that can conjure up feelings of being surrounded by all the beauty that nature has to offer, in particular, plant life.

It’s in biomorphic shapes and forms that one of the inspirational pieces I’ve chosen, represents one shade of the Olive Green aesthetic really well.

In this blog post, I show you how to decorate with it too.


What’s so special about this colour?

Green is synonymous with wealth and growth. It’s also one of the colours associated with nature, promoting notions of health, wellbeing and abundance.

I find that it’s also a nurturing and safe color that never fails to inspire and soothe the senses, promoting feelings of harmony and tolerance.

What’s more, is that it blends seamlessly into any home decor aesthetic.

When your palette is neutral, olive green can add an earthy and lush element to the space.

And if your palette is bold, busy and colourful, you can find a visually quiet space to insert this colour to add depth and tonal variation to the ensemble.

Olive-Green-Still-Life-Thumbnail image of digital downloadable print for sale
Maxi-minimalist.art Olive-Green-Still-Life Digital Download

This charcoal drawing is perfect to include in your art collection today.

Even if you don’t always collect representational art, it’s good to diversify your portfolio by including artworks that evoke varying styles or aesthetics.

This will pay off in future as your collections grow in value because you can’t always predict art market trends – classic drawing art could see an upswing in value and if that happens it would pay off to have one already in your collection.

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What is this Olive Green art about?

This olive green charcoal drawing forms part of the Natural collection of fine art drawings.

It’s an exploration into the biomorphic forms found in the natural world.

The compositions were observed with a traditional art method of using crop windows as a way of seeing and documenting visual closeups of details not otherwise visible across a wider perspective.

I like to see it as an up-close-and-personal portrait of a section in nature, evoking an intimate moment between viewer and the sectional detail within that crop window.

Why you should buy this Olive Green charcoal drawing

Olive green charcoal drawing hanging in frame against a white wall in an interior space
Olive Green Charcoal Drawing | Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

This olive green printable wall art is a versatile piece to add to your art portfolio and it will make a brilliant festive gift too.

You can get it a great price and with real value such as unlimited downloads and various popular print sizes.

Perhaps you’d like your loved ones to each receive a gift of the same artwork, each in a different size?

With this purchase you’ll receive the bonus of unlimited downloads which never expires.

Too good to be true? Not at all.

You see, we LOVE to share art.

What other benefits are in it for you? Read on…

How to integrate charcoal drawing art into your home decor

An orange rustic wall with a gold-framed fine art print of the Olive Green Charcoal Still Life by maxi-minimalist.art hanging on it. This is dining area that has a warm, cosy, intimate atmosphere for two people dining alone.
Red Copper’ Charcoal Drawing | Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

In terms of interior decor, these drawings work well amongst botanical art in any medium, be that graphite, watercolor or pen, and ink sketches.

When creating your gallery wall, the more contrast, the better. But, I recommend going for more subtle contrast in the medium rather than content.

In other words, rather place this charcoal drawing alongside a botanical drawing in graphite for instance. But, don’t place it next to an abstract artwork in loud, bold colour because something like that would completely overpower it.

So, if you already have art such as botanical drawings – contemporary or vintage – watercolor, pencil or ink, it would contrast well with this olive green artwork.

I envisioned this artwork to be best installed in a quiet, private space. That’s not to say it can’t be enjoyed by more than one person at once. Think along the lines of an elegant library room or study, preferably one with a fireplace. The mood being quiet, soft and contemplative, yet convivial.

antique, grand millenial style, vintage, aristocratic living room with fireplace and a gold-framed fine art print of the Olive gReen Charcoal Still Life by maxi-minimalist.art hanging over it. There is a live fire in the fireplace creating a warm, cosy atmosphere that is highly desirable.
Olive Green Charcoal Drawing | Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

It can also work well in an interior space reserved for reading peacefully or indulging in a private conversation with a significant other.

Where can you buy this olive green drawing as a digital download?

  • Click here to purchase this digital download directly from our shop
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How to hang wall art

When you print your own art, you’ll want to learn how to hang wall art too. You can click here to find out how.

Want to learn more about creating an art aesthetic? Click here.

This could help you decide which digital downloads to buy when you know what your art style is or would like to be.

It’s a really valuable article and I highly recommend it which is why I keep it as cornerstone content on this blog.


Does the Olive Green aesthetic inspire you?

Are you ready to decorate with art celebrating this beautiful colour?

Use the links I’ve provided for more inspiration or to go straight to buy.

Including charcoal drawings into your gallery wall will add depth, tonality and evoke the sense of a cultivated collection and aesthetic.

A varied and well-balanced art collector’s portfolio is a good investment in and of itself.

It allows you to see the potential of different kinds of art that could potentially grow your wealth, especially when it comes to investing in original, handmade artwork.

But, there is also something special about buying and experimenting with digital downloads or printables as it’s also known.

Here’s why printing your own artwork – purchased as a digital download or printable art – is a great idea:

  • It’s exciting to print your own canvas art
  • When you print your own wall art, you can create a very cost-effective gallery wall
  • You can choose the type of paper you want to print on such as giclee or museum quality, archival paper, it’s totally up to you

3 Reasons to buy digital downloads (printables) today:

  • It’s very affordable.
  • There’s zero buyers’ remorse because the investment risk is low. So, if you don’t like it anymore you haven’t spent a small fortune on art.
  • Included in this purchase are multiple, popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames. That makes it very easy for you to decorate with and built a gallery wall if you want.

Digital downloads or printables, give you flexibility. Meaning, you can print it on any type of paper – at a really affordable art price.

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