This NFT collection of line art is a series of hand-drawn drawings in pen and ink line work, topographic black-and-white drawings of biomorphic forms from natural still life.

Each image – as seen below – is a crop window into a larger still-life drawing.

NFT looping GIF of a natural wooden picture frame and white mount with drawings inside flashing from one frame to the next, in styled decor setting. A white cerammic 3-ring vase with paper flower against a dusty pink wall and vase sitting on a marble countertop

This black and white range of ‘etching’ style ink drawings tells the story of an interior life.

I’ve executed it in a mass of sensitively observed and executed line work, some areas reminiscent of tiny copperplate etchings.

The story is told through a series of cropped snapshots of an interior narrative observed like a map or journey.

In this article I discuss what this collection is about, the techniques used to create it and why I created it. I also talk about where it is available and how it can be used in interior spaces.


A NFT Collection of line art in series

I draw in series instinctively. Multiplicity is a huge theme in all my work, even in my sketchbooks, where it all starts. 

NFT inspiration in sketchbook pages showing multiplicity hand-drawn triangular shapes using black brush and ink
Photo image: ©Copyright 2023 Maxi-minimalist

What is this line art collection about?

This NFT collection is a series of hand-drawn drawings in Pen and ink line work. Almost reminiscent of topographic black-and-white drawings of biomorphic forms from natural still life. And I used that larger still life to create these image as a crop window into a larger still-life drawing or narrative.

These black and white ‘etching’ style ink drawings tells the story of an interior life. It is delivered in a mass of sensitively observed and executed line work, some areas reminiscent of tiny copperplate etchings.

The story is told through a series of cropped snapshots of an interior narrative. And it’s almost like a map or journey. that is carefully followed and travelled through along the fine topographic lines. It’s as if by observing and searching out along the fine topographical lines in each crop you traverse the terrain or narrative that is open to your own interpretation.

As an artist, my work observes sections of an idea or notion through crop windows. The crop window notion is both physical (technical) and proverbial. Based on this, I closely inspect the larger observational drawing for clues and details of texture, shape and form, as well as looking closely to see what I can discover on an existential plane.

image of plant life - leaves only from a plant - with a white semi-transparent overlay and rectangular shape cut out to indicate a crop window; the semi-transparent area reveals the rest of the plant visual used as inspiration for NFT art development
Photo image: ©Copyright 2023 Maxi-minimalist

If you look closer at the border or edges of the black-and-white images, you can see that they are rough, and grainy and visually resemble the textural quality of an etching.

Many years ago, I explored copperplate etching. It’s a traditional printmaking process using copperplates, etching tools and an acid formula to burn an image onto it, and I always admired the subtle textural qualities that process yields.

The clear border around the image is the clear, off-white, cream color of the paper it is printed onto.

Why did I create this collection of line drawings?

I wanted to return to drawing in a way that felt natural for me. As well as to tell the story of an interior life and to discover unexpected themes therein.

I yearned to discover richness and to be surprised by the unique details upon closer inspection.

More importantly, to find something interesting or uncover what had not been seen before or overlooked.

Where is this collection available? 

Buy NFT art

This NFT collection is available for Minting on the Ethereum blockchain right now.

Check out the NFT collection on Rarible here.

These artworks are a great addition to your crypto asset NFT collection as they are limited edition as it stands – there are only 8 original pieces for minting as NFTs.

If you’ve never collected crypto art, then this is your chance to dive into buying NFT art. This is not generative art ie. an algorithmically generated series using code.

But, what I love about it, is that it contains a duality of handmade and digital attributes transformed into a new digital product made for the Web3 space.

One that has provenance and can appreciate as it gains popularity, which is the beauty of buying NFT art.

Fine Art Print

If you’re not active in the Web3 space, then a physical, digital print on fine art paper will be perfect for your interior. And especially if you’re specifically looking for interior art.

TIP An NFT Token can be printed out at your local fine art printer. All you have to do is send them the link and show proof of ownership using your contract details. This is a great way to display your purchase. Bear in mind that such art is for personal use only and may not / should not be distributed for resale. The copyright still remains with the artist, you just own a digital version of it which can be traded in the Web3 space.

The other option is to display your NFT Token in a Tokenframe® or a TV screen display unit against an interior wall. There is an energy consumption aspect, so be mindful. Of course, this option is a whole different kind of interior aesthetic and will really appeal to those with a smart or tech design aesthetic.

This is great for decorators, interior stylists, designers, interior architects, or decor specialists looking to purchase unique art.

NFT art gallery wall in linear view. 8 drawings framed in black frames with white frame mounts

Will this line art series fit with the design of your interior?

Any artwork in series can be the perfect decorating tool.

An entire series or collection is a great way to add style to a room and visual interest to an empty living room wall. Plus, you have multiple elements to work with that naturally fit together or feel cohesive no matter how they are arranged or how far part they are located in relation to each other.

You also have the option of interchanging the arrangement according to your personal preference. This NFT and Fine Art Print collection does not follow a specific sequence.

interior photo of styled decor with 4 picture frames in natural with Map-Journey collection of artworkks
Photo credit: ArtPlacer | Art: ©Copyright 2023

The drawings’ unique quality is that it is just about the drawing technique and mark-making, and textural qualities. So it does not follow, nor is it dictated by any sequential order.

NFT Collection – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful.

If you liked this article, feel free to leave a comment, I value all feedback. If there’s anything art-related you’d like to read about, let me know.

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