While Magenta might be the colour of the year, it seems fitting that we compliment it with something contrasting like a gorgeous Kelly Green.

You might think it’s too much of the same intensity and not enough simultaneous contrast, but used in the right way, it can create a feeling of luxury and add a dose of Dopamine therapy.

In this blog post, I give you a few examples for decorating with this colour as well as some cute, and quirky Kelly-Green-inspired affordable art to inspire.

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Where does Kelly Green come from?

Inspired by the lush greenery and vegetation of Ireland, which also inspired the design of the Irish flag. Its name is derived from the family name ‘Kelly’. It’s a clean, bright, intense yet vivid hue and is considered an element of luck by the Irish.

How to decorate with this green colour

Kelly Green be used in a variety of ways and in any interior space. It’s quite an invigorating colour because it’s deep and intense, yet clean and uplifting too.

That’s why I think it’s makes a great theme colour for a spacious bathroom. You can install a gallery wall into a bathroom too and that works very well when you have art encased in thin gold frames. It can have a beautiful and luxurious effect, at quite a low cost if you shop wisely.

Make sure you artwork is sealed behind glass or clear acrylic to block out moisture and prevent mold.

This green looks incredible behind a well designed gallery wall. I find artwork that are bold and equally bright srand less chance of being overpowered by the intensity of the green.

Here are a few lovely decor items to start with if you’re experimenting with Kelly Green:

Art with splashes of Kelly Green

There are so many options for decorating with art inspired by this gorgeous green. Here’s a cute, quirky and inexpensive piece that you can find right in our online shop.

It’s a fun, not-too-serious take on the abstract impressionist style, and is fun to decorate with and include into a bold, whimsical gallery wall.

You can get this in our store right here. Best yet, it’s available as a super affordable digital download.

Where can you buy this green artwork as a digital download?

  • Click here to purchase this printable wall art directly from our shop
  • Or you can browse more printables here
  • Or the rest of our other product listings here

Where you can buy more affordable art?

  • Buy fine art prints here
  • Buy NFT art here
  • View all art collections here – this is a good place to start if want a primer before buying.

How to properly install wall art

When you print your own art, you’ll want to learn how to hang wall art too. You can click here to find out how.

Want to learn more about creating an art aesthetic? Click here.

This could help you decide which digital downloads to buy when you know what your art style is or would like to be.

It’s a really valuable article and I highly recommend it which is why I keep it as cornerstone content on this blog.


If you’re looking for colour inspiration for any DIY project, for buying art online or for a restoration or renovation, Kelly Green is currently trending this season and will be well into next year.

But, the great thing is, is that it’s a timeless one.

Colours that are pure and saturated have lasting quality, granted they’re used in a balanced and visually pleasing manner.

Your interior space should still feel calm and relaxed, with splashes of colour there to invigorate you.

It should also add flavour and compliment your home decor objects and furniture.

Here’s why buying art as digital downloads and printing it yourself is a great idea:

  • It’s fun to choose your own paper or canvas, print your art and then see the finished result, it’s so rewarding!
  • When you print your own art prints, you can design a stunning gallery wall in a budget
  • You can choose the type of paper you want to print on such as giclee or museum quality, archival paper, the texture of which is amazing. Why not print on heavy, textured, recycled paper? It adds another dimension to your artwork

Here are 3 reasons to choose printable wall art:

  • It’s super affordable.
  • There’s no buyers’ remorse because if you decide that you don’t like it anymore, you haven’t spent a lot of your hard earned money. So, the investment risk is low.
  • This digital download purchase includes multiple, popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames. It makes it easy for you to decorate with especially if you want to build a gallery wall.

Buying wall art as Digital downloads or printables, gives you flexibility. You can print it on any type of paper – at a really affordable art price.

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