Embarking on an interior restoration project is an exciting endeavor, as it allows you to reimagine and rejuvenate your living space.

However, one of the key aspects of completing your interior transformation is selecting the right art to complement and enhance the renewed aesthetics.

Art has the remarkable ability to infuse character, personality, and depth into your space, making it a pivotal element in your interior design.

In this blog post guide, we’ll look at the best strategy for choosing the right art for your newly renovated home, offering advice and tips to help you make inspired as well as practical choices.

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Start with a Vision for your new restoration

Before you begin your art selection process, it’s essential to establish a vision for your renovated interior.

Consider the overall theme, style, and mood you want to create within each space. Is your vision modern and minimalist, classic and elegant, or eclectic and vibrant?

Having a clear vision will serve as your guiding light when choosing art that aligns with your interior’s aesthetics.

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4 examples of minimalist line art, framed hanging on wall in interior restoration space, a newly renovated home

Consider each room in your interior restoration

Different rooms in your home may have varying purposes and design concepts, so it’s important to tailor your art choices to each specific space.

Examples of interior spaces where you can hang art:

Living Room interior

This is often a central gathering space where you can make a bold statement with a large, eye-catching piece of art or create a cohesive gallery wall. Consider art that sparks conversation and reflects your personal style.

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Dining Room interior

Choose art that complements the dining experience. Consider pieces that evoke a sense of elegance or feature food-related themes for a delightful touch.

Bedroom interior

Opt for art that promotes relaxation and serenity. Soft, soothing colors and abstract or nature-inspired art can create a tranquil atmosphere.

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Home Office interior

In a workspace, you may prefer art that stimulates creativity and productivity. Abstract or contemporary pieces can be inspiring choices.

Kitchen interior

Art in the kitchen can add a pop of color and personality. Consider food-themed art or vibrant, cheerful pieces to enhance the culinary ambiance.

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Restored Hallways and Entryways

These transitional spaces provide opportunities for impactful art installations. Large, dramatic pieces or a carefully curated art gallery can make a lasting impression.

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charcoal drawing of fruit bowl in clear quartz crystal vase on black archival drawings paper, framed and displayed on wall in home interior
Charcoal Drawing Fruit Bowl | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Harmonize with the Color Palette of your interior restoration

Your interior restoration likely involves selecting a color palette for your home. The art you choose should harmonize with these colors, either by complementing or contrasting them. You can achieve harmony through:

Matching the Tones of your interior restoration

Select art that features colors similar to your interior’s palette for a cohesive look.

Achieving Contrast and Balance in your interior restoration

Alternatively, choose art with colors that contrast the dominant hues in your space. This can create visual interest and focal points.

Versatility of Monochromatic Art

Consider monochromatic art in shades of gray, black, or white – as seen above – for a timeless and versatile choice that complements almost any color scheme.

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graphic showing an interior with kelly green art on the wall and directly beneath it on grey couch are throw pillows in decorative kelly green prints; there is a kelly green block overlayed with the title: "Kelly Green Inspired Art Spring 2023 and Home Decor Ideas you'll love!"
@Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Size Matters in relation to your interior restoration

The size of your art pieces is crucial in achieving visual balance within a room. Consider the dimensions of the walls and the furniture when choosing art:

Large Spaces

In spacious rooms with high ceilings, large art pieces or oversized canvases can fill the space and create a sense of grandeur.

Small Spaces

In more compact areas, smaller art or grouped arrangements can be more proportionate and visually pleasing.

The role of Furniture in your interior restoration

When placing art above furniture, ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space. The artwork’s width should ideally be about 2/3 of the furniture’s width.

If you’re creating a gallery wall, plan the arrangement carefully to maintain balance and coherence. Consider mixing different sizes and types of art for added interest.

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two artworks inspired by nature, one in pinks, one in blues, hanging on light pink wall, with a casual natural coloured couch, with a white woman and toddler sitting on her lap.
Retro Nouveau Collection | Maxi-minimalist.art

Personal Connection and your interior restoration

Art is a deeply personal expression, and the pieces you choose should resonate with you on a personal level.

When selecting art for your renovated home, consider what emotions or feelings the artwork evokes.

Does it bring you joy, calmness, inspiration, or nostalgia? Art that holds personal significance adds depth and authenticity to your interior.

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A charcoal drawing from the 'Natural' collection, in a gold frame, hanging on a white wall above a mid-century-inspired cabinet with books and throw pillow inside it; there is a high gloss retro-inspired table lamp on top and ceramic dishes, and books along side it.
Natural‘ Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist 2023

Art Styles and Themes befitting your interior restoration

The art you select should reflect your tastes and interests while aligning with your interior’s theme.


Abstract art can be a versatile choice, adding a touch of modernity and allowing for personal interpretation.


Landscape paintings or photography can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, infusing your home with natural serenity.


Figurative art featuring human or animal subjects can create a sense of connection and intimacy.

Still Life

Still life art, often featuring objects like flowers or fruit, can add color and elegance to your interior.

charcoal drawing of fruit bowl in clear quartz crystal vase on black archival drawings paper, framed and displayed on wall in home interior
Fruit Bowl Charcoal Drawing ©Maxi-minimalist.art


Contemporary art is ever-evolving and can be a bold choice for those looking to make a statement.

Vintage or Retro

Vintage or retro art pieces can add a touch of nostalgia and charm, especially in eclectic or mid-century modern interiors.

Local or Cultural

Consider supporting local artists or incorporating art from different cultures to infuse your space with unique character.

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A large scale wall art print, printed from the wdigital download from the Retro Nouveau Collection #001, framed in thin gold frame and hanging on a wall. The colours in the art print are dusty pink, dark rose pink and blacks of organic shoes and forms which are an abstract representation of the original photograph taken by the artist Fayrooz for the maxi-minimalist.art brand
Retro Nouveau Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Balance and Composition that enhances your interior restoration

When arranging art within your interior, pay attention to balance and composition. Ensure that your chosen pieces are well-distributed throughout the space.

Here are some tips:


Symmetrical arrangements create a sense of order and balance. Consider placing two identical pieces on either side of a focal point.


Asymmetrical arrangements can be visually engaging. Combine different-sized artworks or arrange them in an irregular pattern for a dynamic effect.

Focal Points

Designate focal points within each room where the eye is naturally drawn. Place art strategically to enhance these focal points.

Consider Scale

Be mindful of the scale of your art in relation to the surrounding elements. It should complement and not overpower the space.

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3 framed art prints on light grey wall; ©Maxi-minimalist 2023 'Biodoversity Garden' No. 5139 Digital download art to buy, product listing
Biodiversity Garden Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist 2023

Mix and Match

Don’t feel restricted to a single art style or theme. Mixing and matching different styles and types of art can add depth and personality to your interior.

Experiment with contrasting elements to create a harmonious balance.

For example, pair a contemporary abstract painting with a vintage photograph or juxtapose bold, colorful art with serene, monochromatic pieces.

luxury hotel art, wall art, expensive art, investment art, crypto art, luxury, moody, romantic, sultry lighting to create a feeling of luxury in boutique hotels
Red Charcoal Drawing | @Copyright Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Lighting Matters

Proper lighting is essential to showcase your art effectively.

Consider these lighting tips:

Natural Light

Position art where it can benefit from natural sunlight but avoid direct exposure, as it can fade colors over time.

Art Lighting

Install adjustable picture lights or track lighting to illuminate your art. Adjustable lighting allows you to control the intensity and direction of light.

One of my favourite ways to illuminate art is with this wireless art lighting, wall fixture.

Wireless Art Lighting – Remote Painting Light with Timer and Dimming setting

Wireless Picture Light -Very easy to mount with provided screws. Good choice for lighting up your paintings, artworks, pictures, mirror, dart board, photos etc.

Ambient Lighting

Ensure your room has ambient lighting that complements the art. Soft, diffused lighting can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Seek Professional Advice

If you’re uncertain about your art selections or the best way to display them, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice from interior designers or art consultants.

They can provide valuable insights and help you create a cohesive and visually appealing interior.

Hanging wall art, multiple examples of wall art hanging wall; one white male trying to hang wall art.

Consider Your personality and that of your family’s

When choosing art for your newly restored interior, it’s essential to consider the personalities and preferences of those who will call your home theirs.

Cohabiting comes with many challenges, especially when it comes to making decisions about things that are interpreted subjectively. People have different tastes and expectations, so strive to strike a balance that appeals to everyone.

If possible, involve your loved ones in the art selection process to ensure that the art reflects the collective spirit of your home.

By curating a space that resonates with everyone, you can create an environment that truly feels like your sanctuary.

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quirky illustration art of ginger teat in that is a digital download for sale in the shop of maxi-minimalist.art, the art is displayed in a white wood frame with white matting and glass; this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas

Buy Art as an Instant Digital Download

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Whether at your favourite printer or your home one, enjoy the convenience of downloading this digital file and printing your own wall art. It’s low cost and low risk.

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Choosing the right art for your newly renovated home is a creative and fulfilling part of the interior restoration process.

Align your art selections with your vision for the overall interior decor or aesthetic and your colour palette.

Every restoration will have unique characteristics which will allow you to transform your home into something truly personalised and memorable – a reflection of you.

Whether you prefer contemporary, abstract pieces, traditional landscapes, or a combination of art styles, what you choose should reflect your personality and aesthetic. In this way you can actually create a space that resonates with you on a very deep and emotional level.

Ultimately, the right art – that’s aligned with you and the aesthetic of your interior restoration – has the power to enhance your daily living experience. That’s what it’s all about.

Art needs to uplift you and those around you. So make your newly renovated home a truly exceptional one by choosing the right art for it.

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