Introducing a new interior art collection called Retro Nouveau.

In this blog post I discuss my newest collection of which I’ve dropped only the first four.

I’ll also give you tips about how you can buy it and invest in it to grow your wealth.

Plus, I’ll give you some handy tips about how best to decorate with artworks like these in terms of colour, framing and arrangements.

As always, I love to share my art with as many people as I can and that is why i as widely available – through easily accessible formats – as possible.

I also do that most effectively by making it super affordable without diminishing the quality of it for you, my readers and buyers.

As mentioned, I decided to drop just the four from this collection.

It’s a personal favourite of mine to date, mostly because of the color palette. I love the vintage pinks and they really remind me of Art Nouveau posters from almost century ago. I think it’s the graphic designer in me swaying that bias.

Most of all I love it for the feminine quality of its organic, flowering shapes.

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What’s behind the name

As with most of the work on this website/ blog, this collection was inspired by nature and biodiversity, and the biomorphic forms found there in.

If you’re familiar with the ‘Biodiversity Garden’ collection – a very dopamine-inspired collection – you’ll notice the same thematic elements of organic shapes and forms as well as the feeling of abundance, and multiplicity. Read more about that here.

In these artwork I’ve focused more on developing a subdued and introspective colour palette. I was looking for something softer, less in-your-face colour, while still being high on drama.

I’m a maxi-minimalist by nature, exactly as per the title of this brand. Meaning, the focal point is always on the bold through either strong colour or conceptual content and allowing the rest of the palette – be that actual colour or content (decor) – to cradle that by embodying cleaner, softer, neater, calmer tones or arrangements.

Like I said above, I love this particular collection for its softer, more feminine, quiet colour palette. And the fact that it’s reminiscent (for me) of art nouveau prints and posters. Hence the name Retro Nouveau – retro implying a looking-back-to a bygone era and nouveau precisely for it’s French meaning ie. something newor a new take or version of it.

How I created it

Art Technique:

I worked in the same way as I did with the ‘Biodiversity Garden’ collection.

These digital paintings are regenerated digitally and individually from my own original photographic explorations of still life compositions in the natural world.

NOTE: These are not generative art; to view generative art see my Regurge collection here.

I’ve been working – in a mostly experimental way – with this technique for the last year.

These artworks have already been minted and you view them on Rarible – if you’re interested in investing in one of these as crypto assets, which I hope you do because they’re a great addition to an NFT collector’s portfolio.

If you’re new to NFT Art and want to know how to invest in one or learn how to create your first one, I highly recommend reading my article titled NFT 101: For Beginners, here.

Where you can buy it

Buying any artwork from this collection is easy as you can purchase in three ways:

1. As a Digital download

2. A Fine art print

3. A NFT art token

Note: MFT art token for this collection is temporarily unavailable due to a minor technical error which is being attended to at the time of publishing this post. Check back soon or click through to the shop and keep browsing for an update.

Digital downloads are my favourite form of art purchase.

Though not the heavyweight art investment of its counterparts like original artworks, fine art prints or NFT (the values of which can skyrocket depending on the mood of the market and popularity of the artwork).

But, I’m always advocating it. First of all, it’s less costly, even considered cheap and for college students or graduates it’s a great first stop on your art buying journey for two reasons:

1. It’s low risk– If you don’t like it after you’ve bought it, you haven’t lost a huge chunk of cash or your savings.

2. No buyers remorse – if the artwork you’ve bought doesn’t resonate with you any longer, no sweat! Simply roll up and store away neatly, and reserve it for another room or home. The point is, you won’t feel guilty or cheated out of money because it’s a low-cost item, so there’s no guilt or shame.

So what do you have to do to acquire it?

Simply go to our shop, browse or select the printable you love and purchase it.

The buying process is simple, fast and very secure.

Due to the nature of digital products, we unfortunately don’t offer returns on it. But, I promise you will not regret buying this art. I mean it’s almost too good to be true right?

The artworks are beautiful representations of the natural world and I even have some of it in my home.

I have no doubt it will enhance your space, uplift your energy and engage you.

Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll get an email with the download link – more than one, just in case, and you can always re-download at no extra cost to you.

Once downloaded, either print from your home printer onto good quality paper or, which I highly recommend, send the PDF to your local printer to print onto museum quality archival paper.

It’ll cost more, but then it will really be an investment and one you can cherish forever.

Don’t forget to frame it either. Gallery framers give a superb service, but if you’re on a budget (nothing wrong with that), I highly recommend standard size frames that you can simply pick up from Amazon.

Here are a few to get you started.

Fine art prints are always worth spending a bit more on and a worthy investment for you art collector’s portfolio.

Three reasons to buy fine art prints:

It’s a worthy investment similar to original artwork, but cheaper.

1. Having it printed for you will save on transport, fuel and print lead time (unless your printer can do it for you immediately).

2. It’s usually printed onto archival paper. some are even printed onto museum quality paper and usually with a 200-year archival lifespan – which is what you get when you purchase a fine art print from any collection in our shop.

NFT art

I’m passionate about Web3 art, even though I divide my time between original artwork to make digital printables, fine art prints and digital art, so it’s not always possible to spend my time exclusively on NFT generative art.

But, I do love to share art and the NFT format is a great, proactive way to do just that. Almost all our artwork – bar artworks from more quirky collections – are currently minted to the Ethereum blockchain and you can check them out here or if you’d like to go straight to the collection page on Rarible , you can click here.

So, if you’re an art collector on the move constantly, perhaps a digital nomad or a jetsetting boss, NFT’s are a convenient and progressive way to build your art collections.

There’s no need for printing – though that is an option – but the appeal of NFT is the digital nature itself and the trading/selling/buying aspect; and the fact that you can store entire collections in your digital wallet.

Read more about how to start with creating, buying, and selling NFT here.

So, don’t hesitate to purchase any one of these in the Retro Nouveau collection as NFT.

How you can invest in it

Like I said, ordering a fine art print will get you museum quality prints with a 200-year archival spec.

So that is already an investment.

In terms of growing your wealth more spontaneously and rapidly, depending on the market’s mood, investing in an NFT can possibly generate results faster.

This will depend on whether the NFT (the artworks in this collection) gain a cult following or become sought after.

How you decorate with it

Here are some examples of interiors I’ve put together to give you an idea of how they can they could look, or perhaps even inspire you to change things up a little in your home.


This was a short intro to the new Retro Nouveau collection.

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If you’re looking for retro or vintage inspired colours, why not invest in one of these beautiful, pink and black prints.

These colours work so well in interiors whether a residential home, office lobby, hotel reception area or restaurant.

If crypto assets are more your vibe, check out the page to buy one of these as an NFT

If you’re a college student or graduate just starting out decorating your own apartment, getting a digital download is so easy for you.

Just visit our shop to download and have fun printing these out in multiple sizes.

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Or, if you don’t have time to read, here’s a video about buying art online, whether for your growing art collection or to support a loved one’s evolving art aesthetic. Also, bookmark this video below for 2023 shopping inspiration.

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How to look after your art investment

If you’ve purchased a digital download, fine art print or NFT art token, you need to protect your investment one way or another.

Especially when it comes to buying a really pricey, museum quality, archival paper print or an original artwork like a drawing or canvas painting.

FREE Art Care and Preservation Guide

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It’s really valuable to have around when you have to move house or pack up your apartment and you’re faced with protecting your art investment while transporting your valuables. After all, you don’t want to be faced with damaged goods once you arrive at your new home – the disappointment and money lost is not worth it.

So, protect your art investment and protect your wealth. And you can start with this handy guide.

If the topic of art investment interests you, read more about it here.

a thumbnail image of the cover of the free ebook How-to guide with the title 'Art Care and Preservation Guide, available for download on the blog; this guide is valuable to readers who are interested in this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas and need to know how to take care of the art they purchase

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