Whether you consider yourself just an art enthusiast or serious art collector, explore this 2023 Gifting Guide tailored to tech savvy and NFT art lovers, even if it’s yourself!😉

In this gift guide, we’ve curated a collection of gift ideas that will inspire anyone that considers themselves creative or artistic at a soul level. You don’t need to go to art school or be a professional artist to indulge in art or anything that inspires creativity.

Surround yourself as much as you need to stay uplifted and inspired everyday of your life. Whether that it is through art, aesthetic design or just beautiful objects and interiors, express yourself and keep cultivating yourself aesthetic.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature infographic with products to buy for festive season

Get ready to discover the perfect presents that celebrate creativity without needing to be a professional artist.

Click on the links below to start shopping or get ahead start on making that gift-giving seasonal list now!

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Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame

The perfect fusion of modern technology and artistic expression. This innovative device takes traditional photo frames to a whole new level, allowing you to display pixel art, digital masterpieces, and cherished memories with a unique twist.

With its vibrant LED display and customisable grid, you can transform any image into a captivating pixel art creation.

Whether you’re a seasoned pixel artist or just want to add a touch of retro nostalgia to your home, this digital frame is an absolute must-have.

The Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame opens up a world of creative possibilities and is a fantastic addition to a living space that thrives on being upbeat and youthful. It makes an excellent gift for smart tech and Web3 enthusiasts.

Or anyone looking to add a touch of new media charm to their decor. Explore the magic of pixel art with this fun NFT-inspired!

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame

Give an affordable gift that grows in value

Regurge‘ is a fun collection of regurgitating abstract and stylised mouth cavities and the papillae react in a sequence of dots.

Each set of dots is uniquely generated with Bueno, varying in colour combinations and dot sequences.

This generative art collection is a a limited edition of 50 unique, colourful tokens, available to mint now. Get yours today and grow your crypto wealth.

Click here to mint now and give the gift that really can keep on giving.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

‘Regurge’ NFT Collection – Limited Edition of 50 Tokens

Art frames take on a new meaning with Web3

Art framing takes on a whole new meaning with Web3, and at the forefront of this digital transformation is the Smart Digital Canvas Display and Frame.

This remarkable piece of technology seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional art and the ever-evolving world of new media or digital art.

With Canvia Smart Display, you have the power to curate your very own gallery right in your home.

Imagine, with a simple tap on your smartphone, your living room can be adorned with a classic masterpiece one moment and a contemporary digital artwork the next.

Canvia brings art to life with its stunning, high-resolution display and an extensive library of artistic content, making it the perfect addition to any art lover’s space.

Whether you’re an aspiring digital artist, an art connoisseur, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of innovation, Canvia is the ultimate canvas to express your passion and embrace the Web3 era.

Discover the future of art display by making this extraordinary addition to your living room or bedroom.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Canvia Smart Digital Canvas Display and Frame

Double the value of gifting with this NFT art and smart display

With the ‘Biodiversity Garden‘ Collection of NFTs and the 21.5″ Large Digital Picture Frame, you can truly offer a gift that blends the beauty of nature with cutting-edge technology.

The ‘Biodiversity Garden’ NFT collection represents a unique opportunity to own digital tokens linked to stunning artworks inspired by nature and mental health.

Complementing this nature inspired collection is the 21.5″ Large Digital Picture Frame.

This innovative display not only showcases these digital treasures but also elevates your living space by displaying captivating visuals. Whether it’s displaying the vibrant NFTs from the ‘Biodiversity Garden‘ collection or cherished family memories, this smart frame adds a touch of modern elegance to any room.

By pairing these two extraordinary products, you’re not only offering artistic expression and a connection to nature but also a stunning way to enjoy and share these digital treasures.

Make your gift truly unforgettable by combining the magic of NFT art and uplifting colour therapy (!) with the sophistication of a smart display.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

‘Biodiversity Garden’ Collection of NFTs

21.5″ Large Digital Picture Frame

Educational gifts are timeless and empowering

Internet Art, from the birth of the web to the rise of NFTs‘ is a perfect example of a gift that combines knowledge with the excitement of new media and the Web3 age.

This book takes readers on an enthralling journey through the evolution of internet art, from its inception with the early web to the latest trends in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

It’s a treasure trove of insights into creative minds and the technological evolution of Web3 that have shaped this new digital art landscape.

Whether you’re shopping for a tech-savvy art enthusiast or someone eager to explore the dynamic world of internet art, this book is a thoughtful choice.

It not only educates but also inspires, shedding light on how the internet has revolutionised art as we know it.

With this gift you’re fuelling curiosity, creativity, and a deeper appreciation for the intersection of technology and art.

Give the gift of knowledge and help them grow their wealth and skills.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Internet Art Book

Give the gift of security and protection

In the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrency, security is paramount, and that’s where the Crypto Password Keeper Book comes in handy.

This is not just a notebook; it’s a guardian of your digital assets.

With its carefully designed pages, you can securely jot down your valuable wallet addresses, private keys, and passwords in one centralised, offline location, which all NFT artists and collectors know is crucial.

Gone are the days of digital vulnerabilities and scattered notes. The Crypto Password Keeper Book ensures that your crucial information is kept safe and organized.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or just starting your journey into the world of blockchain, this tool is an essential addition to your toolkit.

It’s the perfect companion for safeguarding your cryptocurrency investments, giving you peace of mind and a tangible, offline solution to protect your digital wealth.

Don’t leave your assets vulnerable—secure them with the Crypto Password Keeper Book, and take control of your crypto journey now.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Crypto Password Keeper Book: 110 Pages

The Ultimate Gifting Idea for NFT Collectors

If you’re searching for the ultimate gifting idea for NFT collectors, the Ledger Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet is the one you want.

In a world where the value of digital assets is soaring, security is your number one priority

This sophisticated hardware wallet is not just a gift; it’s a fortress for safeguarding NFT collections and cryptocurrency investments.

The Ledger Nano X offers state-of-the-art security features, including secure offline storage, multi-currency support, and a user-friendly interface.

NFT enthusiasts can now rest easy, knowing that their prized digital assets are protected from online threats and hacks.

Whether who you’re buying for is an NFT connoisseur or someone new to the exciting world of blockchain and digital art, this hardware wallet is a gift that will help them grow their wealth.

It’s a thoughtful gesture that ensures their NFT journey is as safe and rewarding as it is thrilling.

So, if you can’t decide between all these great ideas in this gifting guide, then I say go with the Ledger Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet. It was the first thing I bought when I started my journey with NFTs!

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Ledger Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet

More Gifting options for Crypto Security

This is one level encrypted security your can’t afford to compromise.

This stainless steel wallet is more than just a stylish accessory; it’s a fortress for your crypto seed phrases, which are essentially the keys to your digital assets.

Losing key phrases is not an option because the company cannot help you retrieve something like this – you are the only one who sees the key phrases once you sign up and if you lose it, it’s gone forever along with your crypto assets. So, like I said… not an option!

The Crypto Seed Storage in Stainless Steel Wallet offers a highly durable and secure solution, protecting your crypto investments from physical damage, fire, and moisture, unlike paper-based solutions.

This product makes for a thoughtful and practical gift that shows your interest and commitment to the recipient’s financial well-being.

By giving this stainless steel wallet you’re providing peace of mind and the assurance that their crypto assets remain safe and accessible, which is a priceless gesture in the world of digital wealth. Choose the Crypto Seed Storage in Stainless Steel Wallet and make a lasting impact on their financial journey.

They’ll thank you for it later, trust me! As an NFT artist and crypto investor I know the value of such a nifty (no pun intended!) gift.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Crypto Seed Storage in Stainless Steel Wallet

You don’t need to be a crypto artist to enjoy the benefits of this gift

To receive this gift, you don’t have to be a professional artist or a blockchain enthusiast to appreciate its magic.

The PicassoTab X Drawing Tablet redefines creativity and takes it to a whole new level.

I included this item in the gifting guide because if you’re an NFT collector, there’s no reason for you not to dip your toes into playing around with digital doodles or pixel art. Who knows, you could stumble upon a latent talent and create the next NFT sensation!

With no need for a computer (brilliant), it’s incredibly user-friendly, and you can create your digital art with ease. It’s not just about embracing the world of NFT art; it’s about expanding your creativity and finding joy in every stroke.

Remember, art is all a matter of interpretation and the value the viewer assigns to it, so just go for it.

Whether you’re looking to spark the artistic flair in someone you care about or simply encourage a new hobby, the PicassoTab X Drawing Tablet is the perfect canvas for anyone, regardless of their experience level.

You’ll be amazed at how this gift can unlock the hidden artist within, making it a versatile and truly delightful present for any NFT enthusiast or collector.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

PicassoTab X Drawing Tablet No Computer Needed

What’s a gifting guide without an essential travel item

In this age of digital mobility, our tablets have become our constant companions, helping us stay connected, organized, and entertained on the go.

But, with this convenience comes the need for protection, and that’s where the Tablet Sleeve Bag for iPad comes into play.

This sleek and stylish sleeve is designed to provide your iPad with the security it deserves, ensuring it remains in pristine condition while you’re out and about.

Crafted with premium materials, it offers both durability and elegance in one package and comes with a stylish shoulder strap for extra mobility.

The Tablet Sleeve Bag not only shields your device from scratches and minor bumps but also offers an extra pocket for essentials like chargers, cables, or even a notebook.

It’s the ideal companion for your daily commute, business meetings, or checking in on your digital creations for NFT crypto assets. Perfectly convenient while you’re waiting to check out the latest NFT drops.

It’s a simple yet essential addition to your tech accessories that not only protects your device but also elevates your overall look. Keep your iPad safe and do it in style with this Tablet Sleeve Bag.

Gift Guide for NFT Collectors, 2023, feature graphic displaying iPad laptop case to buy with products to buy for festive season

Tablet Sleeve Bag for iPad

Buy Art as an Instant Digital Download

Can’t afford to buy originals or fine art prints? Shipping too far? No problem, buy a digital download that you can print at your convenience.

Whether at your favourite printer or your home one, enjoy the convenience of downloading this digital file and printing your own wall art. It’s low cost and low risk.

Digital downloads are an excellent and cost effective way to star your own gallery wall, whether in your living room, bedroom, kids room or recreational room

Create yours today!

Gifting Guide for NFT Collectors – Conclusion

In this ever-evolving digital age and the evolution of the Web3 space, creativity knows no limits.

Whether you’re an established art collector or someone who simply enjoys exploring creativity, this 2023 Gifting Guide for NFT Collectors has something for everyone.

The blending of technology, blockchain, and art has given rise to a whole new realm of possibilities, and these gift ideas are a testament to the power of this fusion.

So, whether you’re treating a loved one or indulging yourself, these gifts offer the chance to explore, create, and appreciate the beauty of the new digital media.

You don’t need to be a professional artist or an art connoisseur to embrace the world of NFTs and digital art. All it takes is an open mind, an adventurous and risk-taking attitude, plus a little inspiration.

With these gifts, we hope to spark that inspiration and take your artistic and growth mindset journey to new heights.

Happy gifting and remember to start shopping early!

Here’s something extra for you – a FREE Art Resource

How to look after your art investment

Even if you’ve purchased a digital download, fine art print or NFT art token, you need to protect your investment one way or another.

Especially when it comes to buying a really pricey, museum quality, archival paper print or an original artwork like a drawing or canvas painting.

Below is a brilliant FREE guide about Art Care and Preservation. Download it now and keep it close by to refer to every time you buy art.

It’ll give you a sense of relief knowing that you’ve got a handy PDF guide nearby to teach you how to look after your investment and avoid common mistakes when it comes to handling, storing and packaging art.

It’s really valuable to have around when you have to move house or pack up your apartment and faced with protecting your art investment while transporting your valuables. After all, you don’t want to be faced with damaged goods once you arrive at your new home – the disappointment and money lost is not worth it.

So, protect your art investment and protect your wealth. And you can start with this handy guide.

If the topic of art investment interests you, read more about it here.

a thumbnail image of the cover of the free ebook How-to guide with the title 'Art Care and Preservation Guide, available for download on the blog; this guide is valuable to readers who are interested in this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas and need to know how to take care of the art they purchase

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Download this FREE guide. You’ll learn how to preserve and maintain the individual artworks in your collection.

Learn how to protect your investment now.

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