It takes all kinds of art to build out an interesting and varied gallery wall. Here are two stunning, ‘fruit bowl drawing’ artworks that work in a gallery wall as well as standalone art pieces.

These two artworks are charcoal, still life drawings of a composition of fruit in a clear quartz, crystal vase that is doubling as a fruit bowl.

I created these a few years ago and so cherished it that I decided to make it available to purchase either as fine art prints or a digital download.

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How to purchase these fruit bowl drawings

Which option you purchase depends on your purpose and budget. As well as how much flexibility you want when building out your gallery wall.

I suggest that if you are on a smaller budget – if you’re a college student or graduate in your first apartment – a digital download could be a great option for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s super affordable.
  2. The investment is low risk – if you don’t like it anymore you haven’t spent a small fortune on art. So there’s no buyers remorse.
  3. You get 5 popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames for. So, it will be easy for you to decorate with and built out a gallery wall if you so wish.

In a nutshell, this option gives you flexibility – you can print it on any type of paper – at a really affordable art price.

Now, if Fine Art Prints are more your thing, then there are advantages to that too.

Here are 3 reasons why fine art prints can be a great and very affordable art investment:

  1. It’s cheaper than original artwork, but just as beautiful when framed.
  2. It’s a worthy art investment to add to your art collector’s portfolio.
  3. You save time, transport costs and separate printing costs by having it all done for you and shipped straight to your home address.

Our fine art prints come printed on Museum Quality, 200-year archival paper, so you’ll get the best there is on the market.

How to decorate with these fruit bowl drawings

Before you make a decision about which one to purchase, consider your current interior. And if you’re buying this as a gift – an even better reason – think about their home decor and how this could fit into that.

Black and white drawings, whether done on black, white or grey are generally very versatile and tend to fit into most home decor styles even if you have lots of colour everywhere.

But, with these, the content matters in terms of how or where you place them.

So, it’s important to use this aspect strategically.

For instance, if you have artwork with bold colour and ‘loud’ content (provocative subject matter) I wouldn’t suggest placing these drawings of fruit next to it as it would completely overpower it.

So, the idea is to place this artwork nearest or right alongside other drawings in charcoal or even graphite, or pencil. What I mean is, make sure it lives with art that has similar subject matter and a softer, more reserved tonality, and ambience.

That way, these drawings of fruit will not get lost amongst the ‘noise’ if you’ve got a vibrant gallery wall but instead, take pride of place visually.

Also, consider your framing options for both digital downloads and fine art prints.

Professional gallery framers offer superior quality and service, if you can afford it.

If affordability is not an issue for you but you’d still like to take advantage of a more cost-effective option, then wall art frames are a good way to go. The kind you can pick up at DIY or home goods stores work perfectly.

Just something to note: Our shop does not offer framing.

But, here are a few recommendations for low cost DIY framing that’s just as effective as it is beautiful.

Tips for decorating with these ‘fruit bowl’ drawings

As mentioned, I suggested you place these alongside drawings of a similar style.

But, here are more tips to bear in mind as you build your collection to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Make sure your artwork can be seen effectively and appreciated the way it’s meant to be. If not, you’re wasting your time and money.

Art is meant to be viewed properly and enjoyed every day by you – the art collector – and by your loved ones.

It really is for sharing and to add beauty, and to engage you on many other levels too.

Here are a few tips when decorating with this wall art:

  • Choose a frame with matting as it creates a visual space around the artwork and draws your eye in to it. The clean space around it ‘highlights’ the artwork and makes it look important, preventing it from blending in with anything too close to it.
  • Consider the lighting. Add art lighting above the artwork and turn it on when the natural light is subdued or when you have guests. It will allow them to see the beautiful details in the textures and marks in the charcoal drawing technique of these bowls of fruit. This ensures that you enjoy your art even more – a worthy investment for you.
  • Experiment with contrast in size. Depending on the size you order or print out for these ‘fruit bowl’ drawings, play around with different sizes for your other artwork that are placed around or near it. Size contrast is an effective way to guide your viewer’s eye as to where they should look first. And if one of these ‘fruit bowl’ drawings – or both! – is meant to be your focal art piece then use this technique strategically. In other words, place smaller artworks in various sizes around it so this charcoal drawing takes centre stage.


This blog post was short and sweet, but a good opportunity to let you know about these two stunning charcoal drawings available right now.

Original drawings are an essential asset in any art collectors’s portfolio.

Even NFT art collectors value it as a worthy asset in their crypto collections – albeit a digital version.

I love abstract (especially surrealist artwork) just as much as I do traditional, representational works.

Both are equally engaging, but I find that a hand-created drawing, has a sophisticated and truly timeless appeal.

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