As the leaves change colour and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to embrace the cozy and warm ambiance of the season with fall decor. And one of the most effective ways to infuse the spirit of autumn into your home is through art.

Artwork can be a powerful tool in creating a seasonal atmosphere, and in this blog post, we’ll explore how to choose art for your fall decor.

I’ll also give your options for where to buy affordable art and how to decorate with it.

An orange rustic wall with a gold-framed fine art print of the Olive Green Charcoal Still Life by hanging on it. This is dining area that has a warm, cosy, intimate atmosphere for two people dining alone.
Framed Artwork: Olive Green Charcoal Drawing © 2023

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Start with a Color Palette

The first step in selecting art for your fall decor is to establish a fall color palette that resonates with the season.

Fall is known for its rich and earthy tones, such as deep oranges, warm yellows, rustic browns, and muted greens. Try to incorporate these colours into your art choices to evoke the cozy and inviting feel of autumn.

Consider selecting art pieces with a dominant colour that matches your fall palette. For example, a painting with a warm, burnt orange background can instantly bring the autumn vibe to your space. Alternatively, you can choose artwork that features subtle hints of fall colours to complement your existing decor.

Image: DGXP Home

You don’t need to be too literal with your colour choices here. Subtlety can have the most impact and be more intriguing than all out bold, colour-blocking.

Look for artworks that display either splashes of your chosen fall colours and especially artwork that contain it in a less obvious way. See below.

example of an interior bedroom in the boho aesthetic and displaying the fall decor look with wall art in fall colours. The interior fall colour palette is warm, burnt oranges and olive, sage greens

Embrace Nature-Inspired Art to suit Fall decor

Fall is a season closely associated with nature’s beauty. To capture the essence of autumn, consider incorporating nature-inspired art into your decor.

Paintings, prints, or photographs featuring fall foliage, pumpkins, acorns, or woodland scenes can add a touch of the outdoors to your interior. This is a great strategy for when you’re missing the outdoors during colder months.

Botanical prints and botanical illustrations of fall flowers, like mums or marigolds, can also be a wonderful addition to your fall decor.

These art pieces not only celebrate the season but also bring a sense of serenity and tranquility to your home.

two extra large art prints in black and dusty pink of nature, botanical compositions, hanging on grey concrete wall above a brown suede corner unit couch in an upmarket hotel reception lobby area
Framed Artwork: Retro Nouveau Collection © 2023

Explore Different Art Styles

Art comes in various styles, each with its unique character and appeal. When choosing art for your fall decor, think about the style and aesthetic that aligns with your personal taste and the ambiance you want to create.

If you’re still unsure about what your art aesthetic is, this article will help you uncover what that is for you. It’s really in depth, so do check it out here.


Impressionist paintings often feature soft, blended colours and gentle brushstrokes, which can convey the dreamy and nostalgic feel of fall landscapes.


Abstract art can provide a contemporary twist to your fall decor. Look for abstract pieces that incorporate fall colours and shapes, offering a unique and artistic interpretation of the season.


Realistic art captures the intricate details of the subject matter. Choose realistic autumn scenes to create a sense of familiarity and warmth in your space.


Minimalist art can be an excellent choice if you prefer simplicity and clean lines. Look for minimalist prints or paintings that incorporate fall colours and motifs in a subtle and understated manner.

Consider Seasonal Themes

To make your fall decor more cohesive and thematic, consider selecting art that revolves around specific fall themes.

Here are Fall Decor thematic ideas:


Look for artwork that celebrates the fall harvest, such as paintings of cornucopias, baskets of apples, or scenes from pumpkin patches.


If you enjoy Halloween, consider incorporating spooky or whimsical art that reflects the holiday’s spirit. Think witches, black cats, and jack-o’-lanterns.


To prepare for Thanksgiving, choose art that symbolizes gratitude and family gatherings. Paintings of family feasts or warm, inviting interiors can be fitting choices.

Autumn Landscapes

Autumn landscapes featuring picturesque scenes of forests, mountains, or lakes can transport you to the heart of fall.

female art student of artist sitting in front easel painting, the colours are fall and winter, warm colours depicting fall decor
10 Fall Colour Palettes for Art and Decor © 2023

Mix and Match Sizes and Formats

When decorating with art, don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes and formats.

A gallery wall featuring a variety of art pieces can add depth and visual interest to your space. Combine larger paintings with smaller prints, and incorporate different formats like canvas, framed prints, and sculptures.

Consider arranging artworks in a way that complements your overall decor.

Experiment with different layouts, such as a symmetrical grid or an organic cluster, to find the arrangement that best suits your space.

Frame Art from the Map-Journey Collection; One black and white drawing with wide cream border framed in bronze frame on a brown wall next to a window with white sheer curtain and clear vase with light brown flowers that resemble hydrangeas, placed on a pile of vintage book, resting on a small table covered with a white cloth.
Frame Art: Map-Journey Collection © 2023

Pay Attention to Framing

The framing of your art can significantly impact its visual appeal and how well it fits into your fall decor. Wooden frames in warm, earthy tones like oak or walnut can enhance the autumn ambiance.

Alternatively, you can choose frames that match your existing decor, ensuring a seamless integration of the artwork into your space.

Additionally, consider matting options. A white or off-white mat can create a striking contrast with fall colours, making the artwork pop. On the other hand, a mat in a muted or complementary color can help tie the piece to your decor.

Personalise Your Selection

Lastly, don’t forget to personalize your art choices. Your fall decor should reflect your personality and style.

Look for art pieces that resonate with you on a personal level, whether it’s because of the subject matter, the artist’s story, or a special connection you have with the artwork.

Consider commissioning custom art that captures the essence of your favorite fall memories or locations.

a long vertical infographic displaying art gifts and interior home decor gifts for 2023
Gifting Guide 2023 |

Personalised art can be a meaningful addition to your decor and serve as a conversation starter when guests visit.

Consider sourcing and collecting art from rising stars in the art world. Or even from talented students who are worth investing in – speak to local curators about up-and-coming local talents who have the potential for building a following. When you get in on it now, the value of their art could potentially grow and so can your investment in it.

If art investment interests you or if you’ve always wanted to become an art collector, you’ll love this article all about investing in artworks to grow your wealth.

If you’re a college student keen on investing in art for your dorm room or to grow your wealth, you’ll find this article helpful in making decisions about how to finance it.

graphic with headline titled: College Student Buying Art. Is it worth borrowing money?" with two yound female college students in the background looking at art
College Students Buying Art |

Match your Interior Decor to your art

In addition to selecting the perfect art for your fall decor, it’s crucial to pay attention to interior styling by incorporating decor items and soft furnishings. These elements play a pivotal role in elevating the cozy and welcoming ambiance of your home during the autumn season.

Consider introducing plush throw blankets and cushions in autumn-inspired colours and textures like velvets, faux fur, or chunky knits onto your sofas and chairs.

Add decorative pillows adorned with fall-themed motifs such as leaves, pumpkins, or woodland animals to infuse a whimsical touch.

A red wall with red furniture and a red charcoal drawing in a frame displayed on it with a graphic overlayed with the title: "Red charcoal drawings wall art prints, a gift they'll love forever"
Red Charcoal Drawing | 2023

Harness the ambiance-enhancing power of candles and candle holders; opt for scented candles with warm, spicy fragrances to create a delightful sensory experience.

Moreover, consider replacing lightweight summer curtains with heavier drapes or curtains in rich, earthy hues to provide both warmth and insulation.

By seamlessly integrating these decor items and soft furnishings with your carefully chosen fall art pieces, you’ll achieve a cohesive and inviting fall decor that envelops your home in the true essence of the season.


In conclusion, choosing art for your fall decor is an exciting opportunity to infuse your home with the warmth and charm of the season.

Start by establishing a fall-inspired colour palette, explore different art styles and themes, and personalise your selections to make your decor truly unique. With the right artwork, you can transform your home into a cozy autumn retreat that welcomes both family and friends.

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