This blog post is inspired by bold, irreverent and also healing colour. I’m feeling ultra inspired by the Dopamine Decor trend lately even though it’s been around for a while.

Today I decided that it deserves pride of place amongst the other Gift Guides for 2023, gift-giving season.

In the article I have a lots of shopping recommendations and decor inspo for you as well as a reminders of what’s in the shop to buy in terms of art.

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What is the Dopamine Decor aesthetic and trend?

This aesthetic is all about embracing and leveraging the power of colour to activate positive emotions and it is known that certain colours can help improve cognitive function.

Dopamine Decor is a design philosophy that promotes the use of intense, bold colour in a fearless manner and to (oftentimes) maximal effect and at other times is applied in a more moderate manner through only highlights or splashes of it.

Visually it’s synonymous with bold and daring hues like gorgeous royal blues, reds, hot pinks, intense cyans, sunflower yellows and sunny or beautiful, deep emerald greens.

Think about it. Most of these colours make you happy on some level or induce feelings of being enriched. If not that, depending on the hue, it might induce a sense of peace, calm or relaxation.

This aesthetic is essentially about being fearless with colour in order to surround yourself with hues, tints and shades that induce feelings of wellbeing and joy, and trigger metaphysical healing of your mind and your overall mood.

Colours have a profound impact on our mood and can significantly influence how we feel in our interiors.

So, why not embrace the full spectrum of the colour wheel to create a joyful and uplifting atmosphere? 

Image: Italianbark

From sunny yellows that promote good health and radiate optimism to energetic reds that add a sense of passion and vitality, bold colour choices can instantly elevate the spirit of your home.

Whether it’s through bold accent walls, colourful furniture pieces, or even playful decor items, the key is to choose hues that resonate with you and evoke a sense of happiness.

So, dare to be adventurous with colour in your space and let the Dopamine Decor aesthetic infuse it with positive healing energy that leaves you feeling joyful and inspired every day.

Image: Sheerluxe

How to use Dopamine decor colours

Now, don’t feel pressured to paint your walls hot pink or buy every purple, teal, red, or sunflower yellow pillow you can find.

This décor aesthetic can be applied in more ways than one. If you’re into bold colour by nature then have been suppressing the urge, use this as an opportunity to paint your interior walls in colours that activate or trigger feel-good emotions or have a positive cognitive effect on you.

But, if that’s not for you, you can take a more reserved approach simply by decorating with well balanced ‘splashes’ of dopamine inspired colour. For instance, you can opt to only swap out your old, neutral-coloured couch pillows with hot pink ones or crown-chakra-Supporting purple to activate knowledge and awareness.

Image: Alusplash

Place a beautiful raw, free-standing amethyst crystal in any surface and you’ll soon have a dopamine-inspired aesthetic in your interior. In this way, you can keep walls a neutral colour as well as couches or other furnishings. Such an example is similar to a maxi-minimalist aesthetic where there is deliberate balance of bold and calm. In other words, bright or irreverent elements are balanced out with a clean and uncluttered ‘canvas’ ie. a room’s basic layout and underlying aesthetic, like a bold, colourful painting against a backdrop of neutral, natural and minimalist tones in objects and furniture. It’s the visual version of strength and grace coexisting in harmony.

If your going ‘all in‘ in bold, maximalist colour for the first time – or perhaps you’ve decided to change your decor from another trend – I recommend you choose a reference from my Pinterest board titled Dopamine Decor

Image: TheEverygirl

Choose a colour palette in one of the interiors you love – whatever your eye falls on is right for you.

Colour is subjective, but also instinctive, so trust your gut. Speaking of ‘intuition’, if your still unsure, choose colours based on the key attributes of this trend. Dopamine is a hormone that triggers positive emotions and can improve cognitive function.

So, having colours that are associated with it will point you in the right direction, especially as far as chakra alignment is concerned.

I’m a firm believer in the connection the mind, the spiritual and metaphysical. our aim is to create an environment that uplifts through art, colour and decor.

For instance, blue and orange are known to promote finding one’s voice and courage. Purple, pink are known to heal and increase enlightenment, and foster harmonious relationships. Yellows, reds and oranges are renowned for promoting health, wealth and strength.

While you’re considering decor colour choices, here are artworks to consider and inspire the Dopamine aesthetic.

The colours in these artworks perfectly represent what this trend is about and they’re affordable too!

Retro Nouveau Collection #001 © 2023
BD Collection | 2023
Biodiversity Garden #5146 © 2023

Now, combine these with beautiful decor objects in bold, healing and activating colour and you’re well on your wait to embracing this aesthetic. Whether you do this in moderation or ‘max’ it out, is totally up to you.

Just remember that even the smallest splash of bold colour will trigger feelings of positive and uplift your soul.

Biodiversity Garden #5146 © 2023

A home or place do business should not only inspire but engage and uplift its occupants however long they spend in it.

So, spread the love with colour!

Our spaces need to remind us that we’re human and colour has a way of grounding us in that.

BD Collection ©Maxi-minimalist 2023

Dopamine decor objects and furniture

Below are decor items to inspire and help you decide which of these artworks best describes your colour aesthetic or inclinations.

If you love this trend, but a bit overwhelmed with choices, I’ve picked a few fuss-free items to make your life even easier.

These are my favourites and recommendations for a dopamine-inspired shopping spree.


I hope this post has inspired and motivated you to shop and add gorgeous, bold colour to your life.

There’s nothing wrong with being a minimalist, but do tempt yourself to add some vivid splashes of soulful colour to keep things balanced and beautiful. You deserve it!

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