If you love offbeat interiors, you’ll love this quirky Ginger Tea artwork available right here in our online shop. When you buy digital downloads from our shop you save money. In this blog post I explain how.

It’s perfect for the kitchen, tea room, coffee bar or hanging above your drinks cart. Even in your bathroom or powder room, yes(!), a guest bathroom/toilet – it’ll entertain guests and put a smile on their face.

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What is this art print about?

This printable wall art is a still life of an actual ginger tea tin – a lovely, quirky item picked up while thrift shopping.

I simply had to draw it, like some artists make drawings of found objects in their handbags or more famously of objects for each 365 days of the year.

This object though, was wonderfully random, but equally cherished. The pinks, oranges and yellows are upbeat and sunny.

The drawing is almost cartoonlike and definitely falls into the category of illustration.

Why you should buy this quirky art

When you buy printable wall art it’s a worthy investment for many reasons.

First off, it’s really affordable as a digital download, see more. And when you purchase one you get 5% off as mentioned, and then as a bonus you also get various sizes, all included.

So, you can print at multiple sizes depending on the gallery wall or space you have available.i

Or perhaps you’d like to give gifts to your loved ones and give them each a different size – you know what they like and where they can hang it!

But, there’s more. With this purchase you get unlimited downloads and it never expires.

Too good to be true? Not so.

You see, I LOVE to share art.

What else is in it for you? Read on…

How to decorate with quirky art

As mentioned earlier, it can be hung in expected places too. Think of a surface where it will be seen and delight viewers, and generally create a feel-good vibe.

I have one in my kitchen above my tea and coffee station. This could be just as cute in a kid’s bedroom.

What about your home office?

Place it above your desk to remind you that a good cup of tea will keep you going.

Or let it remind you of how healthy and medicinal ginger tea is for you.

Did I mention that this little ginger tea tin was originally created in China? And it reminds me of how their culture uses the art of traditional, ancient healing remedies and rituals. Ginger is an ancient remedy famous for its healing qualities…

Well, if that’s not enough feel-good inspo, then here’s more to get you visualising this quirky print in your gallery wall.

Where can you buy this digital download?

  • Click here to purchase this digital download directly from our shop
  • Or you can browse more digital downloads here
  • Or the rest of our other product listings here

Where you can buy affordable art

  • Buy fine art prints here
  • Buy NFT art here
  • View all art collections here – this is a good place to start if want a primer before buying.

How to hang wall art

When you print your own art, you’ll want to learn how to hang wall art too. You can click here to find out how.

Want to learn more about creating an art aesthetic? Click here.

This could help you decide which digital downloads to buy when you know what your art style is or would like to be.

It’s a really valuable article and I highly recommend it which is why I keep it as cornerstone content on this blog.


I hope you’ve grown to love this quirky Ginger Tea artwork!

Use the links I’ve provided for more inspo or to go straight to buy.

Decorating with this colourful and slightly vintage-style, retro art is a worthy art buying choice. Even if your art aesthetic veers toward more traditional artworks.

A varied and well-balanced art collector’s portfolio is a good investment in and of itself.

It allows you to see the potential of different kinds of art that could potentially grow your wealth, especially when it comes to investing in original, handmade artwork.

But, there is also something special about buying and experimenting with digital downloads or printables as it’s also known.

There are many good reasons why should print your own art artwork (digital downloads you’ve bought):

  • You can print your own canvas art
  • You can print your own wall art – to create a cost-effective gallery wall
  • You can print your own art prints – think giclee or museum quality paper

Here are 3 brilliant reasons to buy digital downloads:

  • It’s super affordable.
  • The investment is low risk – if you don’t like it anymore you haven’t spent a small fortune on art. So there’s no buyers remorse.
  • You get multiple, popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames for. So, it will be easy for you to decorate with and built out a gallery wall if you so wish.

In a nutshell, this option gives you flexibility – you can print it on any type of paper – at a really affordable art price.

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