If you’re still shopping for the perfect art gift or interested in acquiring another artwork to your expanding art collectors’ portfolio, look no further. Here is some black and white art from South Africa you’ll love to spend on.

It’s affordable art that’s also original and created by a South African artist.

If you’re unable to travel to the sunny southern hemisphere this year end, why not get one of these artworks as a digital download or timeless fine art print?

In this blog post, I discuss and list some black and white art from South Africa you’ll absolutely love to include in your gallery wall art collection. And explain which is the best option for you.

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Black and white art that’s representational and timeless

There’s something to be said for representational art, amongst the sea of abstract expressionist art out there now. Especially those doing the rounds on Instagram. With due respect, they all have value and can provide so many buyers with joy and return on investment. But, variety is important. Whether it’s out there in the general art market or in the collection on your gallery wall.

I always encourage variety in art collections, especially if you’re not too serious about your art collecting, but take it seriously from a diversity point of view.

charcoal drawing of fruit bowl in clear quartz crystal vase on black archival drawings paper, framed and displayed on wall in home interior
Charcoal Drawing Fruit Bowl | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Realistic or representational art has always had a solid and respectable place in the art collections. It can hold it’s own amongst the art trends and it provides a more subtle and relaxing and almost peaceful sense of enjoyment to the viewer.

These ‘Fruit Bowl’ drawings do just that. They’re quite undemanding in the way that you view it. They’re timeless and have a quiet soothing quality to it.

‘Fruit Bowl’ Drawings from South Africa | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

The charcoal medium and technique used here is soft and considered with a meticulous – but not rigid – execution that is both thoughtful and contemplative.

You can buy these ‘fruit bowl’ drawings as digital downloads in our shop here.

To know more about this mini art collection, you read it here.

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Abstract Black and white art line drawings

I haven’t written about these abstracted black and white art drawings in a while. Some of my favourites and part of an ongoing interrogation into biomorphism I started this collection in 2021.

Map-Journey Collection ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

They form part of a larger narrative about an ‘interior life‘ in the unseen close-ups of a crop window into nature.

These black and white ‘etching’ style ink drawings tells the story of an interior life. It is delivered in a mass of sensitively observed and executed line work, some areas reminiscent of tiny copperplate etchings.

The concept of the crop window is not just a physical technique but a method of introspection for the artist. It involves dissecting a larger observational drawing to reveal intricate clues, textures, shapes, and forms.

This collection is available as beautiful fine art prints and as NFT art collection to invest in.

NFT looping GIF of a natural wooden picture frame and white mount with drawings inside flashing from one frame to the next, in styled decor setting. A white cerammic 3-ring vase with paper flower against a dusty pink wall and vase sitting on a marble countertop
Map-Journey Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

This collection looks amazing as a gallery wall all on its own.

Map-Journey Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

To know more about the entire collection, click here. Or go straight to our shop to buy now.

More black and white art in Charcoal

If you’re a Charcoal art fan or avid collector of contemporary interpretations of botanical art, you’ll love this collection of line drawings.

These are representation drawings that have atmospheric and moody quality to them. But, they are anything but dull. They are introspective and high on drama. If you love this bold and dramatic art, and drawing in particular, then this is the art for you.

Add this to your current art collection or NFT portfolio, you won’t regret it. Remember that diversity elevates the value of your art collections and opens up the exploration of your art journey.

You won’t know what you like until you are exposed to it. So, experiment with art you may have overlooked in the past.

These artworks perfectly marry the bold with the traditional and high drama with the introspection.

charcoal drawings of botanical still life of plant life in black and white, a cropped section of a larger still life
Natural 005 | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

This is started as a collection of black and white pen and ink illustrations. It later morphed into more traditional charcoal art techniques applied into close up compositions of botanical scenes.

luxury interior living space with round designer table an luxury chair with corridor arches in the background and NFT Art, Natural Collection charcoal drawing lit from within a TV Screen frame displaying NFT Art by Maxi-minimalist.art
Natural 005 Collection | Copyright Maxi-minimalist.art 2023.

These are available as fine art prints as well as NFT art tokens if you’re keen to invest or already investing in crypto art.

Natural 005 Collection | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023
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I hope you found this mini ’roundup’ post helpful with regard to investing in art, but also with gift-giving.

Art is truly a personal asset and a gift from the heart for the soul.

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