Art blogs and feeds are not just for artists, hobbyists, amateur artists or late career-changers. They’re the best places for art collectors and investors to get a look at creators creating and documenting in real time, about the work they do, why they do it, and just being themselves outside of the gallery circuit.

This provides great insight for art collectors because it gives a behind-the-scenes look into artworks and their creators, giving the experience of buying art a human quality.

It’s also a great place to meet artists who are actually selling their work themselves, rather than going through a gallery.

That makes it a great place to look for talent outside of the mainstream gallery circle. Who knows, you may even score a good deal on an artwork you love.

In this blog post, I list 10 blogs worth following and subscribing to for growing your art collections.

If you’re already buying from, you should still be creating diversity in your art portfolio by seeking out more art wherever you can.

And if you’re a first time art collector looking to break into art investment, this is a great starting point for you too.

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10 Art blogs to follow if you’re an Art Collector:

1. The Abundant Artist

This popular website and blog truly is abundant in terms of what you can find regarding art, artist techniques and art news, and more specifically about artists selling art.

It’s a fantastic knowledge base not only for practicing artists but for collectors as well. And an amazing resource for artists wanting to learn how to sell their art directly to art collectors. So, this will offer art collectors a lot of insight and a place to establish connections.

2. NFT Culture

This website has everything you need to stay updated with the latest in the NFT art world. And if you’re already a collector of Non-fungible tokens or new to investing in crypto art, you need to bookmark this one.

You can find everything from the latest NFT news, NFT collections, guides as well as NFT artists and events.

3. Hyperallergic

I’ve been a longtime follower of this blog. If you’re interested in something more unconventional without taking itself too seriously, this is the one for you.

It’s an influential voice in the contemporary art world and offers perspectives on art and culture, and related topics. It’s one I highly recommend.

5. My Modern Met

This popular blog covers everything arts and culture related from art, photography, science, design, technology and more.

It’s a more over-arching approach to all things that influence artistic and cultural expression, and development.

Combined with the business side of sourcing and buying art, this injection of information is one you’ll enjoy seeing in your inbox, so I recommend subscribing to it.

6. Artnet

A longstanding blog specifically relating to buying and selling contemporary art, it also hosts a database of practicing artists whose artwork you can explore.

It’s a great resource to get started with when searching for art as it can connect you with galleries and curators, and it has a pricing database too.

This is a well respected resource for art collectors so sign up for their newsletter. Or you can also create an account when you first land.

7. Artsy

Another blog similar to Artnet, but this one has a bigger focus on the artists themselves and what they’re doing or creating.

This website feels more like a blog and has tons of articles relating to different contemporary artists styles, and discusses new and innovative work by them.

It’s equally valuable in connecting collectors to artists and galleries as well as reviewing the latest shows.

Do check out the section called Viewing Rooms as it’s related to buying art online if you’re in that market.

This is another great blog to bookmark and subscribe to.

8. Renee-Phillips

I love this blog because it very much feels like a blog (it’s very personable) you can check in with regularly with a cup of coffee in hand.

Renee is an art coach and mentor. I thought it was worthwhile including this because as an art collector you get to read about art and artists from the artist perspective, and with Renee’s vision about buying and selling art.

9. Artspace

This is a great resource specifically targeted at art buying. And what’s more, it has segmented sections for buying design objects for your home as well and then another one for purchasing art.

It also hosts an artists database you can search through.

There’s a wonderful Magazine section which kind of functions like a blog with a list of informative and enriching articles about artists and their work.

Do check this one out as it’s another good resource specifically targeted at art buyers.

10. Saatchi Art Online

I used to display my art for sale here long before I started and I’m still a fan.

It’s a very vibrant and popular website, and blog. The range of diversity in terms of the type of art you can find there is well worth a visit.

What I love even more is that it has its own separate site dedicated to buying and selling NFTs. If you’re keen to join their Discord server, you can do that too, just click here. And if you’re wondering what on earth that is, then you’ll be new to NFTs.

I have a great article you’ll enjoy about creating and selling NFTs, but it’s just as valuable to first time NFT art investors as well. Check it out here.

More blogs and feeds

There are so many art resources out there and it’s not only hard to spend time reading most of them, but also to settle on a select few.

My advice for information overload and blog-binging, is to start with the 10 above.

Plus, here is another resource you’ll definitely find interesting too.

The Ultimate Feed for art collectors

A big thank you to Feedspot for featuring in their Top 15 South African Art Blogs.

If you haven’t heard of, take this opportunity to submit your website or blog, and follow other websites you love for regular updates and feeds. logo in black and blue

I particularly like the fact that art collectors can have access to hundreds of art related websites and blogs that could potentially lead to more art to invest in.

After all, if you’re not buying from, you should be creating diversity in your art portfolio by seeking out more art wherever you can.

Feedspot is a great place to start to build up your online reading resources, so submit or join now.


I hope you found this list post valuable. As mentioned there are lots more art blogs and art collectors’ resources out there to discover and explore.

If you’re new to art investing, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to read and subscribe to everything. Start small and keep your intake manageable.

Art Collectors - Two college students viewing art in a gallery they are looking to buy and invest in

You should also keep in mind your art aesthetic, whether you’re still discovering what it is or it’s still evolving. This is a factor that you should use to guide your journey as an art collector.

The type of art websites and blogs you follow and subscribe to will be guided by your art aesthetic which determines what type of art and artists you’ll be seeking out.

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