Here’s my roundup of some offbeat interiors with a quirky, cultivated aesthetic.

I love to decorate in this style because it makes shopping for decor and wall art affordable. But you never compromise on style.

In fact it takes a certain eye for design and art to pull this off successfully.

In this quick read, I give you a list of interiors that I think perfectly capture this aesthetic.

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Offbeat interiors – apartment aesthetic

It seems this aesthetic works best in an apartment or inner city dwelling – of course its not limited to that. I always dreamt of having the most chic apartment as a student and young working adult, but of course I came to realise that with that first pay check there was only so much home decor and wall art I could afford.

I didn’t realise that cultivating an eye for the perfect offbeat interior was much more than just culling lots of objects and wall art. It was all about personal style and experience.

But, that was long time ago. And I’m so happy as an artist and home decor enthusiast that things have changed.

Here’s the thing, it’s actually so easy and much quicker to get to grips with how to create an interior space and gallery wall that reflects this aesthetic than ever before.

With enough online research and real-world experience, the inspiration and style hacks abound!

So, here’s my roundup of inspirational interiors

These really capture the essence of ‘offbeatness’ in all it’s edgy, optimistic, happy, fun, funny, cheeky and highly individualised glory.

I’m a maxi-minimaist at heart, so I favour a balanced aesthetic ie. clean, relaxed and uncluttered with a small splash of something bold and outrageous.

But, this looking at this trend again makes me want to add an extra splash of bold.

Image: Livingetc
An example of Budget Wall decor - A white female's hand drawing with a micron pen in her sketchbook
Image: Poshpennies
Image: Bedthreads
quirky illustration art of ginger teat in that is a digital download for sale in the shop of, the art is displayed in a white wood frame with white matting and glass; this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas

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Image: Tat-London
Image: Elle Decor
Image: FWTX
Image: ZGallery


Cultivating this offbeat look seems pretty easy on the surface of it.

But, keep in mind when executing this decor style that individuality and your personal life experiences will guide your art choices.

A keen eye for colour palettes or a passion for it (!) will reinforce your design decisions, so ‘milk’ it to your advantage.

If you’d like some colour palette inspiration you’ll enjoy these articles.

In this quick read, I give you a list of interiors that I think perfectly capture this aesthetic and how give you tips for what kind of wall art works well with it.

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Or, if you don’t have time to read, simply watch the video below for more 2023 shopping inspiration.

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