Here are 5 Budget Wall Decor Ideas to show you how amazing wall art can elevate your living space right now, without costing you a fortune.

Plus, you’ll get up to 20% OFF art prints too, so read on.

What better time to be decorating than now, with less than a few weeks away from festive season celebrations.

This is the time to get into the flow of creating a space that is welcoming to your family and friends. You can create an interior living space that warm, inviting, cosy, friendly and convivial on a budget.

Your home should feel like a sanctuary that celebrates and characterises who you are – your values, your aesthetic and your vibe.

It should allow you to feel fully expressed and nothing can make you feel more expressed than owning original art whether in the form of a digital download (printable) or fine art print.

Whether you want to create an oasis, a staycation home or a simply create a dreamy vibe in your home, no matter what it is, there is a way you can create a truly high vibe home that celebrates you and your aesthetic.

Browse these Budget Wall Decor Ideas and pick one that resonates with you.

Copy the aesthetic and invest in your favourite artwork at an affordable price and you can do all of that right here.

In this blog post I give you budget wall decor ideas to help inspire you to decorate or reinvent your interior space – remember change is good and a ‘refresh’ is always… well, refreshing (excuse the pun) during seasonal changes.

So, invest in art you love and do that with equally aesthetically pleasing decor objects and arrangements.

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1. Budget wall decor – the College Dorm Room aesthetic

Living a chic life on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing style, and you can draw inspiration from the trendy, creative spaces found in college dorm rooms.

Opt for budget-friendly wall decor that makes a big impact without breaking the bank.

Think tapestries or removable wallpaper in bold patterns or artistic designs to instantly transform your space.

Gallery walls with thrifted frames and posters or prints from local artists can create a personalised and eye-catching focal point.

An example of Budget Wall decor - A large scale wall art print, printed from the digital download from the Retro Nouveau Collection, framed in thin gold frame and hanging on a wall. The colours in the art print are dusty pink, dark rose pink and blacks of organic shoes and forms which are an abstract representation of the original photograph taken by the artist Fayrooz for the brand
Retro Nouveau Collection © 2023

Incorporate functional and fashionable storage solutions, like floating shelves, to display your favourite trinkets and plants, adding a touch of vibrancy to your room.

Embrace DIY projects with wall art or photo collages to infuse your unique personality into your decor.

With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can achieve a chic and stylish space that’s easy on the budget, proving that high style doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

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Before diving into the measuring out your gallery wall, first curate your sketchbook doodles.

Review your sketchbook/s and pick out the doodles, drawings and sketches that resonate with you the most.

An example of Budget Wall decor - A white female's hand drawing with a micron pen in her sketchbook
  • Consider choosing a theme
  • Choose a medium or two mediums that contrast well with each other
  • Consider the quality of the line work or sketch – will it scale up without losing quality when its scanned or digitised?

Once you have a collection you’re happy with and that reflect the inspiration and visual engagement you want to see, you need to digitise them.

After you’ve converted these into digital files – remember to save as high quality and as large as possible in pixel dimensions – it gives you the ability to scale them up or down, manipulate colour or apply filters and other wonderful digital effects. You can really go as wild as you want.

I often like to just keep drawings and sketches in their natural form – there’s something special about the hand drawn artistic process that’s hard to capture digitally, so the more you can preserve that the better.

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three framed quirky artworks in illustration, doodle style hanging vertically, one beneath the other next to a kitchen apron hanging from a hook in the wall
Cute kitchen artwork ideas ©Maxi-minimalist 2023

3. Invest in Minimalist Line Art if you’re on a budget

All art is good art and just because this art does not contain a obvious amount of artistic content doesn’t mean it’s lacking in substance.

I’m a huge fan of minimalist line art mostly because it’s says so much without being overly dramatic, ‘loud’ or saturated. The clean layout and elegant line work is timeless and blends beautifully within any interior aesthetic or gallery wall.

You’ll find minimalist, simple black and white or single colour line art, a bit lower in price, especially if you’re purchasing as digital downloads. That’s mostly due to a reduced amount of materials used and the simplicity of the work. Like I said, this is no indication of a lesser quality.

It’s easy to understand that an oil painting or heavily worked impressionist painting will be higher in value and price. This is mainly due to the amount materials consumed and artistic labour that goes into it as well as the production process, and how complicated that may have been. It all forms part of the valuation criteria of an artwork.

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An example of Budget Wall decor - 4 examples of minimalist line art, framed hanging on wall in interior restoration space, a newly renovated home

4. The best budget wall decor – Digital Downloads or Printables

I can’t say it enough. Digital downloads are the best way to create budget wall decor and they are popular as ever. It’s much cheaper than original art as well as fine art prints.

Yes, it does involve a bit of DIY, but if you’re up for it you can save a lot of money as well as circumventing the possibility of buyer’s remorse.

There’s something special about buying and experimenting with digital downloads or printables as it’s also known.

If you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, here’s what sets it apart:

Digital downloads or printables require you to print your own art.

But here are reasons why it’s worth the effort:

  • You can print your own canvas art, not just paper prints
  • Create a low-cost gallery wall when you print your own art
  • You can print your own art prints – think Giclee or museum quality paper, this is when it really exciting
quirky illustration art of ginger teat in that is a digital download for sale in the shop of, the art is displayed in a white wood frame with white matting and glass; this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas

Buy Art as an Instant Digital Download

Can’t afford to buy originals or fine art prints? Shipping too far? No problem, buy a digital download that you can print at your convenience. Take inspiration from this cute kitchen artwork idea. Art ideas for kitchen walls are often overlooked and it’s actually the most vibrant place in your home. Your art and wall decor should reflect that.

Whether at your favourite printer or your home one, enjoy the convenience of downloading this digital file and printing your own wall art. It’s low cost and low risk.

Digital downloads are an excellent and cost effective way to star your own gallery wall, whether in your living room, bedroom, kids room or recreational room

Create yours today!

3 Reasons why digital downloads are a great for budget wall decor:

  • It’s really affordable – you can get digital downloads for as little as $5 with unlimited downloads and some with no expiration date
  • The investment is low risk – if you don’t like it anymore you haven’t spent a small fortune on art. So there’s no buyers remorse.
  • You get multiple, popular print sizes for which you can easily get low cost (but equally attractive and good quality) frames for. So, it will be easy for you to decorate with and built out a gallery wall if you so wish.

Digital downloads give you flexibility. Meaning, you can print it on any type of substrate at a really affordable art price.

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5. Use the Crop Window technique to build budget wall decor

This technique essentially involves using photographs, prints, or printed images (on cheap printer paper) and enlarging, reducing, cropping or cutting out sections of it. This is done to create a collection of images that look and feel like they belong together or yield a visually cohesive effect.

It’s a really cost-effective way of creating a gallery wall that doesn’t require you to go out and invest in art.

It can literally be as simple as taking magazine tear-outs and framing them.

The idea is to select images that are similar, have a theme or you can select a large image of which you can crop our sections of it in different rotations of horizontal or vertical format.

The end result is that you will have a series of images that relate to each other.

The reason I use the term ‘crop window’ is that it’s a great traditional technique that artists use to ‘see‘ detail or sections that are not noticeable in the expanse of a larger image or composition.

It’s particularly popular in nature drawings and paintings, where beautiful and surprising details are often obscured or hidden in the volume of detail in the larger image.

An example of Budget Wall decor - lounge living room interior of natural color couch with wood coffee table in front and knitted throw over the couch, behind the couch is a gallery wall filled with 12 black and white frames and photos of cropped images of plant life
  1. Find an image that has lots of textural elements or an intricate composition
  2. Scan or photograph it flat. You can even photocopy it if you want to work in a traditional way. But, you will have to convert it to a digital image anyway if you want to edit it
  3. Now import the image into Canva (free online ), Adobe Photoshop or Procreate
  4. Here, you will be able to crop a section of it into ‘frames’ and even scale each frame up or down. You can even zoom into it for see more detail
  5. Once you have the image open in either of these programmes, create a layer and title it ‘Cropper’.
  6. This layer should resemble an analog cropper – a piece of board with a square or rectangular block cut out in the middle.
  7. Now position this cut out block anywhere over the image. Better yet, move it around and see if reveals anything interesting
  8. Once your see something you like, stop , draw a selection where the block is and copy that section or mask it off
  9. You now have one frame

What to do next:

  1. Repeat the process and really play around here
  2. You can even rotate the cropper if you’re using a rectangular cutout – so you’ll have a vertical and horizontal rectangular block shape. This will make for interesting gallery frames and vary the sizing to create contrast Using your crop window, move it around and try to find interesting crops/frames. Trust your instinct, listen to you intuition and go where your eye falls.
  3. Once you land, document it, screenshot it, crop it out, draw a frame outline to cut out later.
  4. When you have many frames, settle on a number you want or when the image is exhausted. Now cut out, leaving enough bleed (extra space around the image to trim or frame off).
  5. Crop each out separately and then save each as a separate image or artwork.
  6. Print these out as separate artworks and frame it.

Buy thrift store frames or new ones.

Do what your can afford and what you feel is right for your space.

You can frame these into different sizes and create your own vintage, boho-chic, gallery-inspired wall art composition in your home or home office wall.

  1. Paint, spray sand-down, varnish the frames if necessary, or leave as is.
  2. Mount each image onto card or heavy paper, or the sturdy backing board used to seal the frame
  3. Double-window mount each frame using a natural colour mat (mounting board). Leave a 5mm gap between each mount

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Budget Wall Decor Ideas – Conclusion

The walls of your home are a canvas waiting to be filled with creativity, personality and inspiration.

These budget wall decor ideas we’ve explored in this blog post offer a diverse range of options to transform your living space into a reflection of your unique style while saving your money.

And if you feel unsure about what your style or art aesthetic might be at this stage in your life, don’t worry, it’s pretty normal.

I recommend you just pick an option and go from there.

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Experiment and invest in things that have less chance of giving you buyer’s remorse. In other words, buy wall decor that is timeless and are neutral in style. This art buying strategy allows you to decorate within your budget.

What to do if you change your interior style and your wall art does not match it

There’s a solution for that too.

If you’re at that stage where you’re experimenting with styles or perhaps a college graduate where you’ve still got years to decide what wall decor aesthetic is – I suggest you invest in buying digital downloads instead of original art or pricier fine art prints.

When you buy digital downloads or printables of art, you get to first experiment with sizes as well as how the art actually makes you feel in your space.

Art isn’t just about superficial adornment. Artwork is something that you invest in and have to live with, for a while at least.

When you buy a digital download it’s at the cheapest, most affordable price you can pay for art you know you’ll enjoy. And once you’ve printed it at you convenience, you can live with for a while, let it grow on you.

Better yet, if you decide you don’t like it or you change your art aesthetic or wall decor style, you’ll have zero buyer’s remorse about spending all your hard earned money. You can just discard it or store it for another home you might move into.

Give yourself options and allow yourself the flexibility

More interestingly, don’t get too hung up on trending styles either. You will land on the one that’s right for you eventually and find the art that’s exactly right for it too.

Whether you choose to embrace the tranquility of nature with botanical prints or immerse yourself in the glamour of art deco with geometric designs, your wall decor can truly become the backdrop of your dreams. Even on a budget!

So, don’t hesitate to get creative, mix and match, and let your walls tell the story of your life and your passions.

Your home is your sanctuary, and these budget wall decor ideas are the key to making it a place where you can feel uplifted, relaxed, and hopefully inspired.

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Wall Decor Ideas – how to look after your art investment

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When you have to move house or pack up your apartment and faced with protecting your art investment while transporting your valuables, this is the info you’ll find most valuable. After all, you don’t want to be faced with damaged goods once you arrive at your new home – the disappointment and money lost is not worth it.

Preserve and protect your art investment so can keep growing your wealth. Start with this handy guide.

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a thumbnail image of the cover of the free ebook How-to guide with the title 'Art Care and Preservation Guide, available for download on the blog; this guide is valuable to readers who are interested in this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas and need to know how to take care of the art they purchase

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