If you’re planning on renovating or updating your kitchen, here is a popular new trend on Pinterest called ‘Kitchens’, and it’s inspired by kitschy kitchen decor.

I love this trend for its happy, bright, bold, and colorful decor items – perfect for the most popular room in your home.

The key design and aesthetic elements to look out for here are ‘kitch’ items, thrift shop finds, cartoony colors, and quirky idiosyncratic design elements.

Here’s my roundup of gorgeous ‘Kitschen’ inspired home organization, decor, and wall art products that I’m shopping for this quarter. And if the budget gets too tight, I’m putting some of these on my wish list.

These are feel-good, dopamine-inspired objects and products that will add value to your life in that they will uplift, inspire, and add a sense of joy amidst the stress of daily life.

In this article, I list home goods, home organization, home decor and wall decor, and art products and where to buy kitchen decor now.

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Cool, uncluttered kitchens are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and conducive to optimal living, especially in the mornings.

Living functionally is not always about performance. You need to bring in the happiness factor too.

Your kitchen is like the engine of your home and yes, should perform optimally by having the best appliances and gadgets. But, there’s the human factor to consider and that is where color, individuality, and personal narrative come into play.

Merging these very human qualities into design is a challenge to designers and decorators alike, but once mastered is a truly rewarding experience.

There’s nothing like seeing a client’s home and living space transformed into a sanctuary and expression of their true selves or their desires and personal stories.

graphic for colour palette, color therapy

Modern Kitschy kitchen decor

Not everyone wants to put this on display. But adding this through a splash of whimsy and color can be just enough to infuse a warming space like your kitchen – even the most minimalist one – with charm, character, and personality.

A kitchen should uplift and inspire the food you’re cooking and the conversations you’re having in it.

There is no better aesthetic than kitschy kitchen decor to reflect a love of color, personality, and human-ness.

Everyone needs color in their life. So, start your day with an infusion of color and I guarantee it will set the tone for your day. And as I implied, you don’t need to go overboard or convert to maximalism to embrace color or quirk.

A dash of color and a seamless blending of cool and offbeat design elements will set you off to a good start with kitschy kitchen decor.

Here’s how to bring invigorating, exuberant color, and design into your current kitchen.

And if you’re embarking on a renovation, restoration, or starting from scratch, let this happy trend inspire you or perhaps bring back fond childhood memories if you’re Gen X.

Kitschy Kitchen Decor

Kitschy Kitchen decor - ktichen setting in real home
Image: Day Inspired
Kitschy Kitchen decor - ktichen setting in real home
Image: My Domain
Kitschy Kitchen decor - ktichen setting in real home
Image: Trendir

50’s Kitchen – Kitschy Kitchen Appliances

If you’re like me, at some stage in your life you’ve wanted a Kitchenaide free-standing mixer – with all the trimmings of course.

But, if you’re worried about it fitting in with your kitchen decor, remember what I said about adding this aesthetic in splashes of colour. If currently you have a minimalist aesthetic in your kitchen, try adding a splash of fire-engine red or delicious, sunny Cadmium yellow.

See the examples below.

It’ll brighten up your space and inspire your cooking adventures!

kitschy kitchen decor appliances
Image: Bigchill
Kitschy Kitchen decor - large appliances in yellow
Image: Big Chill

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5

5-Qt. stainless steel bowl with comfortable handle offers enough capacity to mix dough for 9 dozen cookies or 4 loaves of bread in a single batch.
59-Point Planetary Mixing Action means 59 touch points per rotation around the bowl for thorough ingredient incorporation.

70s Kitchen – Kitschy Kitchen Utensils

I think these styles of retro kitchen utensils hardly needs the 70s attribute. We like them anyway!

Or maybe I should speak for myself. I relish any opportunity to eat with cutlery this isn’t plain old stainless steel.

Here are some utensils that’s inspire you to make cupcakes and bundt cakes!

Image: Amazon
kitschy kitchen decor
Image: Ohsolovely
Kitschy Kitchen decor
Image: Pinterest
Image: Etsy
Kitschy Kitchen Decor - pink and mint green pastel retro utensils on white counter and pink wall in background
Image: Peachymart

12-piece Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set

Solid wood handle and high-quality silicone: The silicone head combined with the high-quality solid wood handle ensures that it will not be damaged in daily use. The design will not bend, break or rust, and will not burn.

Ceramic Mason Jar Utensil Crock

Made of high-quality ceramic material, this utensil crock is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it easy to clean and use. Meticulously made from premium high-quality ceramic, this utensil crock is durable and crafted carefully to resist chipping and fading.

Quirky Home Decor for your Kitchen – where to find art for your kitschy kitchen

These retro kitchen art come in various options to buy. You can get it as art prints, poster prints, original art and even as digital download to print at your convenience.

Vintage and retro kitchen art prints as a touch of personality and nostalgia.

If you pair it with 50s style kitchen appliances such as a pink Smeg fridge or heirloom objects and paraphernalia, you can really set the tone for a kitch vibe.

Remember, not all art is square, rectangular or framed.

Art can be in the form of wall paper, whether it’s wall-to-wall or just a section running floor to ceiling. It can even be in the form of a stained glass window or a kitchen window decal.

three framed quirky artworks in illustration, doodle style hanging vertically, one beneath the other next to a kitchen apron hanging from a hook in the wall
Retro kitchen artwork ideas ©Maxi-minimalist 2023

kitschy kitchen decor art print
Image: PMQforTWo

kitschy kitchen decor art prints ona pick wall in frames
Image: Instagram via Pinterest
quirky illustration art of ginger teat in that is a digital download for sale in the shop of maxi-minimalist.art, the art is displayed in a white wood frame with white matting and glass; this image shows one way of 20 wall decor ideas

Buy Art as an Instant Digital Download

Can’t afford to buy originals or fine art prints? Shipping too far? No problem, buy a digital download that you can print at your convenience. Take inspiration from this cute kitchen artwork idea. Art ideas for kitchen walls are often overlooked and it’s actually the most vibrant place in your home. Your art and wall decor should reflect that.

Whether at your favourite printer or your home one, enjoy the convenience of downloading this digital file and printing your own wall art. It’s low cost and low risk.

Digital downloads are an excellent and cost effective way to star your own gallery wall, whether in your living room, bedroom, kids room or recreational room

Create yours today!

Retro Kitchen ‘Cafécore’ must-haves

There’s going to be a huge trend moving away from bar carts to coffee stations. So, here’s another opportunity to decorate with the kitschy kitchen decor aesthetic. The options are endless and don’t forget that it’s also the perfect place to insert some colourful retro wall art too.

Here are coffee-inspired retro gadgets and drink ware.

kitschy kitchen decor in pinks and light mint colours
Image: ShopLTK
kitschy kitchen decor - retro inspired, light sage green barista style coffee machine
Image: Shop Swan

Red Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine

New and improved “Keep Warm” function lasting up to 60 minutes after brewing, newly added sound control function, and our classic anti-drip system to keep your machine clean and dry.

Pedestal Ceramic Coffee Mug

MID-CENTURY SHAPE – The stackable pedestal mug includes a fresh mid-century inspired shape and holds 10 oz. of liquid, you know, for drinking. The mug measures 3.25” in diameter and 3.75” tall.

Stackable Glass Coffee Cups

The retro and modern embossed design turns it into a unique and perfect green glass cup. The delicate texture of the surface gives a sense of European vintage ambience, full of retro tones and elegance, combined with a drink that can create an overall charm.

Maximalist Kitchen aesthetic – how to keep this look balanced

kitschy kitchen decor - Maximalist Kitchen aesthetic, pink and turquoise kitchen decor interior setting
Image: Pinterest
kitschy kitchen decor - small retro kitchen interior setting
Image: DGEXP
kitschy kitchen decor - small retro kitchen interior setting
Image: My Domain
kitschy kitchen decor - small retro kitchen interior setting
Image: Pinterest
kitschy kitchen decor - small retro kitchen interior setting
Image: Smeg UK
kitschy kitchen decor - mini toaster and hot plate
Image: Pinterest


These are only a few examples of the options you have to decorate with colour and add quirky design elements to your kitchen.

I hope these have inspired you. If you’re still hesitant, here’s some more art objects and decor items to motivate you to start collecting for this trend in 2024.

kitschy kitchen decor - retro oven mit glove
kitschy kitchen decor - quirky mugs
kitschy kitchen decor - retro checkered dish cloths
kitschy kitchen decor - retro colour cookware
kitschy kitchen decor - retro design toaster
kitschy kitchen decor - retro melon bowls

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