There’s not much time left to plan for gift shopping with only a couple weeks away to official, festive gift-giving days. So, I’ve rounded up a quick recap of our artful gift guide for you, just to remind you of what’s worth including on your shopping list right now.

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Gift Guide for NFT collectors

Get ready to discover the perfect presents that celebrate creativity without needing to be a professional artist.

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Gift Guide for arty Non-artists

In this gift guide, we’ve curated a collection of gift ideas that will inspire anyone that considers themselves creative or artistic at a soul level. You don’t need to go to art school or be a professional artist to indulge in art or anything that inspires creativity.

Gift Guide for Dopamine Decor addicts

This gift guide is inspired by bold, irreverent and also healing colour. Dopamine Decor is still trending strong. Who doesn’t love bold colour that heals as well?!

Gift Guide for Kelly Green fans

Inspired by the lush greenery and vegetation of Ireland, which also inspired the design of the Irish flag, this is a clean, bright and intensely vivid hue. And it’s considered an element of luck by the Irish.

Used in the right way, it can create a feeling of luxury and add a dose of Dopamine therapy as well.

Here are a few examples for decorating with this colour as well as some cute and quirky Kelly-Green-inspired, affordable art to inspire.

Gifts for Hot Pink lovers

Here’s some Hot Pink, red-and-magenta artworks to inspire and save you money when buying art online.

Not only will the colour give you a dopamine fix and uplift your mood, but it will also brighten up your living space during the somber months of Fall and Winter, depending on where you live.

And it’s really affordable!

Biodiversity Garden #5146 © 2023
Biodiversity Garden #5146 © 2023

Here are a few hot pink decor items to compliment your magenta-inspired wall art.

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Gift Guide for Olive Green – a gift celebrating growth, wisdom and compassion

Olive Green colour is one that celebrates harmony and fosters growth. It’s also a soothing and warming colour that can conjure up feelings of being surrounded by all the beauty that nature has to offer, in particular, plant life.

Give the gift that no doubt will keep on giving…in abundance. It’s truly a gift guide for the soul.

Olive green charcoal drawing hanging in frame against a white wall in an interior space
Olive Green Charcoal Drawing | 2023


You don’t need to be an artist to qualify for any of these gifts.

Spoil yourself, your loved ones or your ‘bestie’ with these affordable gifts and stay inspired this festive season and beyond.

There’s no greater gift than an artful one.

It’s not only timeless, but its main purpose is to inspire, motivate and resonate with the recipient. I find that a gift is always more special when it means something to the receiver.

Whether it relates to something they’re really passionate about or it represents something significant in their lives or the journey they’re on, people appreciate it so much more when the giver makes them feel like they are understood through the gifts that they receive.

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Wall Decor Ideas – how to look after your art investment

Whether you buy a digital download, fine art print or NFT art token, you need to protect your art investments in order in order to preserve your art portfolio.

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When you have to move house or pack up your apartment and faced with protecting your art investment while transporting your valuables, this is the info you’ll find most valuable. After all, you don’t want to be faced with damaged goods once you arrive at your new home – the disappointment and money lost is not worth it.

Preserve and protect your art investment so can keep growing your wealth. Start with this handy guide.

If the topic of art investment interests you, read more about it here.

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