When it comes to creating a luxury kitchen, it’s not just about high-end appliances and marble countertops.

Wall art can be a key element in elevating the overall aesthetic of your kitchen space.

Whether you have a traditional, modern, or minimalist kitchen, the right wall art can add sophistication and personality.

In this blog post, I discuss wall art ideas that can transform your kitchen into a space with a luxury aesthetic you’d ordinarily expect to find in a chic lounge or dining room.

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1. Fine Art Prints and Paintings create the feeling of a Luxury Kitchen

One of the most classic ways to bring luxury to your kitchen is by adorning the walls with fine art prints or paintings.

luxury kithen and combined dining area showing a pink and black fine art print in a frame on a dark, dust prink wall, with white chairs and a black dining table

2. Vintage Fine Art Prints of Old Masterpieces

You can easily find affordable reproductions of renowned artworks online these days if you’re not spectacularly wealthy.

Famous and renowned paintings from like Monet, Van Gogh, or Vermeer can give a feeling of grand luxury and timeless elegance to a kitchen. It can have a luxurious old-world quality that speaks to a grand or aristocratic and refined sensibility.

Antique Vintage Wall Art

Timeless Antique Decor: Elevate your interior with the allure of vintage beauty. Our vintage room decor posters are the epitome of sophistication. Whether you seek famrhouse wall decor or french country decor, these posters bring a touch of class to any living room, bedroom, kitchen or office.

Monet Wall Art The Iris Garden at Giverny

Framed prints are available for size 12in X 16in and 16in X 24in.The frame color is black and wood grain. Great choice for home decor such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, bar, office and others Wall decoration.

3. Contemporary Art

If you want to evoke a more edgy or modern touch, contemporary art pieces featuring bold colors and abstract designs will do just that.

This type of artwork works well as a conversation starter or focal point and certainly adds vibrancy to a kitchen space, especially where the personalities that inhabit it are colorful and energetic, and perhaps a little fearless.

See it as the opposite of a more subdued, quiet, or introverted aesthetic that might suit individuals with that kind of energy.

luxury kitchen aesthetic in a modern kitchen with a contemporary countertop, with a fine art print, digital download printable art in frame of a green and blue impressionist style botanical art painting

4. Custom Art

Commissioning an artist, whether local or international (online art commissions) to create a custom artwork for you can be exciting. Just make sure you establish good communication channels to ensure that what you get is what you pay and your expectations are met – it is an investment after all.

This is a great way to truly express what you already have in terms of your kitchen decor. You can even take into consideration the current wall art or decor and make sure the commissioned piece will work in harmony with it.

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5. Botanical Prints

Vintage or modern botanical prints of herbs, fruits, or flowers can add a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen walls.

This type of visual is timeless and so elegant. It has a thoughtful and classy resonance. Befitting a luxury and cultivated aesthetic.

6. Food-Themed Art

Wall art with food is perfectly appropriate for a luxury kitchen. Create feelings of abundance and culinary luxury with art depicting decadent dishes, wine, or culinary scenes.

This type of art can even feature singular images of fruit or vegetables, the interpretations are boundless.

charcoal drawing of fruit bowl in clear quartz crystal vase on black archival drawings paper, framed and displayed on wall in home interior of a semi luxury kitchen
Charcoal Drawing Fruit Bowl | ©Maxi-minimalist.art 2023

Framed Culinary Prints

You can collect food-themed art by creating your wall art, commissioning an artist, or buying digital downloads a.k.a printables from an online store much like ours.

Vintage Food Labels

Another quirky idea is to frame vintage food labels or packaging from yesteryears. They’re a unique interpretation of the famous Andy Warhol screenprints of soup cans. All you have to do is source free-to-use (for personal use only; please be mindful of copyright) vintage images online.

Recipe Art

If you know how to use Canva or have a flair for graphic design, you can insert your favorite family recipes into a unique poster design template. These graphic applications are brilliant as they have free-to-use pre-designed templates to insert your graphics and print them out.

Menu Art

If you love a particular restaurant or want to memorialize an important life event (marriage proposal perhaps), you can recreate the menu of that day and frame it. Very cool, nostalgic, and unique as well.

Kitchen Utensil Art

I love this one, as I’ve done quite a few illustrations for this type of art before. It can be viewed as very quirky and perfect for offbeat, yet chic kitchen decor.

Go for textured art prints or giclée illustrations of utensils, pots, and pans. It’ll add a touch of culinary charm to your kitchen decor.

Wall Gallery Photo Frames

Bulk of 5 pieces picture frames set in the same sizes. Perfect for pictures 8×10 with mat or 11×14 without mat.

7. Photography and Food Portraits

Photography is an elegant and powerful medium for any wall art. So it will no doubt lend a timeless quality and can instantly add an element of glamour to a room and most certainly a luxury kitchen with chic installations and appliances.

Try these visual options:

  • Food Photography
  • Travel Photos
  • Family Recipes with Photos

8. Abstract and Contemporary Art

Industrial chic, modern farmhouse, or minimalist kitchen designs naturally call for abstract or contemporary art.

Here’s an opportunity to go bold and make highly individualistic.

Black Gallery Wall Kit – Aluminum Picture Frames Set of 7

Our picture frame collage used high quality aluminum materials that are durable and elegant. The real glass front cover keeps your photos from dust and scratches for years to come.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns or shapes, even in affordable poster art can look upmarket and sexy. Plus, it’s really easy to get patterns to match the color palette of a kitchen especially when it comes to kitchen tiles and splashbacks.

Minimalist Art

I find that minimalist interiors are the easiest decor palette to work with. It’s so easy to make even the simplest black and drawing in a beautiful gold frame, look expensive!

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9. Wall Decals and Murals

Wall decals and murals offer an affordable and flexible way to decorate your kitchen. Of course, no one needs to know that you didn’t spend a fortune on it. The idea is to decorate and create a space that feels luxurious and elegant. The room needs to feel expensive, hence a luxury kitchen.

Chalkboard Wall

You might not think that a chalkboard wall belongs in a luxury kitchen but think of it as if you were sitting in a chic, industrial kitchen type of eatery – you know… the kind of place you might find all the cool types.

Think urban chic and very fashionable.

You can emulate that vibe with your chalkboard and write daily menus, shopping lists, or inspirational quotes. It’s not only practical but also adds a dynamic element to the space.

Chalkboard Wall Sticker Wall Decal

Blackboard wallpaper suitable for smooth, clean and flat surfaces, including cafe menu, kitchen & food labels , specials board, restaurant menu, desks, books, boxes, cabinets, refrigerators, containers, dressers, etc.

Tile Murals

I like to reference the sets of Nancy Myers movies when I think of kitchen tiles and luxury or very aesthetically pleasing kitchen interiors.

Tile murals are gorgeous, such as mosaic patterns or painted scenes as well as authentic hand-made tiles from foreign countries. Now that will evoke a sense of travel and affluence. It can be a beautiful and durable installation in your kitchen.

Vinyl Wall Stickers

These are so fun and versatile for kitchen decor. I’ve included it here because it’s a worthy art installation albeit a temporary one. It has a contemporary chic aesthetic. Even though it’s regarded as affordable art, it can work well when balanced out with expensive, trendy appliances that have a fun design aesthetic.

Waterproof Backsplash Stickers for Kitchen Decor

Peel and Stick, Self-adhesive. Simple and easy to apply or remove. Perfect for Kitchen backsplash. Water-proof, oil-proof, easy to clean, brightly colored and non-fading

10. Plates and Dishware as Art

Displaying a collection of decorative plates or dishware, whether new or heirloom, can add a nostalgic and cultivated flavor to your kitchen decor.

My mom displays her heirloom crockery in a beautiful, vintage glass and wood, freestanding cabinet and both have become an art installation in and of themselves.

Install a collection of beautiful, decorative plates onto a wall. Use various sizes and patterns to create a three-dimensional gallery on your kitchen wall.

Turkish Handmade Decorative Plate

These special tile design plates, carefully made by Turkish masters, are used as decor. Attracting attention with their hand-painted colors and special craftsmanship, these cute plates will make your tables and home look magnificent. The patterns on it are meticulously processed. It preserves its color vibrancy and texture for many years.


Wall art or artistic installations can enhance your decor and create a space that speaks of luxury.

One can interpret luxury in more ways than one. It’s always about ‘bling’.

Luxury can be about expensive wall art, decor, and appliances and it can also include creating a feeling of being abundant, cultivated, thoughtful, and nostalgic.

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