10 Fall Color Palettes – Create Cosy, Luxury Seasonal Art

As the leaves begin to change and a crisp chill fills the air, fall brings with it a sense of warmth and coziness that many artists find inspiring. Here are 10 Fall Color Palettes for artists that will inspire and reinforce the warm, cosy and luxurious feelings triggered by the colours and beauty of Autumn season.

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The rich and vibrant colors of autumn create a beautiful backdrop for your artistic creations, whether you’re working on paintings, illustrations, graphic design, or any other form of art.

To help you capture the essence of this season in your work, we’ve put together a list that you can use for your fall-themed art commissions.

You don’t need an extensive knowledge in color theory to use these fall color palettes. It’s meant as an inspirational color combination guide upon which you can build a wider spectrum of color palettes.

Most importantly, allow it to inspire and activate your thinking.

Intuition is the most important tool when it comes to creating the feel of your artwork, but allow these fall color palettes to trigger ideas for building out larger fall-inspired color libraries.

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10 Fall Color Palettes you can use to create art and decorate with:

1. Color ‘Rustic Elegance

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Deep Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Mustard Yellow

The Rustic Elegance palette embodies the classic autumn aesthetic.

The deep burgundy, burnt orange, and mustard yellow evoke the feeling of falling leaves and cozy evenings by the fireplace.

This palette is perfect for creating warm and inviting scenes, whether it’s a rustic landscape or a cozy interior.

2. Color Palette: ‘Harvest Festival

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Crimson Red, Pumpkin Orange, Cornfield Yellow

Just like the name suggests, the Harvest Festival palette is reminiscent of the bountiful crops and festivities of the season.

Pumpkin orange, crimson red, and cornfield yellow come together to create a vibrant and lively combination.

Use this palette to infuse energy and joy into your fall-themed artwork.

3. Color Palette: Woodland Serenity

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Moss Green, Rich Brown, Deep Plum

For those who prefer a more subdued and earthy color scheme, the Woodland Serenity palette is an excellent choice.

Moss green, rich brown, and deep plum mimic the colors of fallen leaves and the tranquility of the forest.

This palette is perfect for creating serene and reflective compositions conveying the feeling of rich, forest hues and autumn/winter light.

4. Color Palette: ‘Twilight Magic

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Midnight Blue, Muted Lavender, Antique Gold

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, the Twilight Magic palette captures the mysterious allure of the Fall season.

Midnight blue, muted lavender, and antique gold create a sense of enchantment and wonder.

Use this palette to create dreamy and ethereal artwork that transports viewers to a magical realm.

5. Color Palette: ‘Cozy Cabin

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Warm Gray, Cabin Red, Forest Green

Imagine a cozy cabin nestled deep in the woods with a warm, crackling fire inside.

The Cozy Cabin palette embodies this feeling with warm gray, cabin red, and forest green.

This combination is perfect for creating comforting and nostalgic scenes that evoke a sense of home and hearth, feelings and color synomous with the Autumn season.

6. Color Palette: ‘Autumn Spice

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Nutmeg Brown, Spiced Orange, Cinnamon Brown

The Autumn Spice palette brings to mind the delicious scents and flavors of fall.

Cinnamon brown, spiced orange, and nutmeg brown create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Use this rich brown color palette to add a touch of spice and warmth to your fall-themed artwork and it will no doubt add inspiration for Autumn-inspired interior decor.

7. Color Palette: ‘Harvest Moon

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Midnight Blue, Pumpkin Orange, Harvest Gold

The Harvest Moon palette combines the colors of a crisp autumn night with the warmth of the harvest season. Harvest gold, midnight blue, and pumpkin orange create a balanced and captivating contrast.

This bright fall color palette is perfect for capturing the beauty of moonlit landscapes and harvest celebrations.

Even though the colors are intensely Fall-inspired, it is rich and bright, adding a lovely upbeat color personality to any artwork.

8. Color Palette: ‘Vintage Autumn

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Dusty Rose, Antique Gold, Olive Green

For a more vintage and nostalgic feel, the Vintage Autumn color palette is an excellent choice.

Dusty rose, antique gold, and olive green come together to create a soft and timeless combination.

Use this palette to evoke a sense of nostalgia and old-world charm in your artwork.

9. Color Palette: ‘Falling Leaves

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Autumn Russet Red, Copper Brown, Maple Orange

As the leaves begin to fall, they paint the landscape in shades of copper brown, russet red, and maple orange.

The Falling Leaves palette perfectly captures this natural spectacle beautifully.

Use these warm and earthy colors to create artwork that celebrates the changing seasons.

10. Color Palette: ‘Nurturing Nature

Primary Fall Color Palette:

Pumpkin Orange, Moss Green, Sunflower Yellow

No fall palette would be complete without the quintessential pumpkin orange.

The ‘Nurturing Nature‘ palette combines this vibrant color with moss green and sunflower yellow to create a cheerful and playful combination, especially with the intense and lively ‘pumpkin’ orange.

Use this palette to infuse a sense of fun and whimsy into your fall-themed artwork.

Autumn color palettes enrich your soul when it’s cold out

Incorporating any one of these10 fall color palettes into your art commissions can help you capture the essence of this beautiful season and evoke a range of emotions in your viewers.

Whether you prefer the classic warmth of Rustic Elegance or the enchantment of Twilight Magic, there’s a fall color palette here to suit every artistic style and mood.

So, grab your brushes, pencils, or digital tools and let the colors of autumn inspire your creativity this fall season.

Happy creating!


In the world of art, fall is a season like no other, a canvas painted with the warm and inviting hues of nature’s transformation.

These 10 fall color palettes we’ve explored provide a rich and diverse range of options for artists seeking to capture the essence of autumn in their work.

From the timeless elegance of Rustic Elegance to the enchanting mysteries of Twilight Magic, these palettes offer a palette for every artistic vision.

Fall is a time of reflection, celebration, and nostalgia. It’s a season that evokes a deep sense of comfort and warmth, making it a perfect source of color palette inspiration for artists.

Whether you’re painting landscapes, crafting digital illustrations, or designing graphics, these color palettes can be your guiding stars to bring the magic of autumn to life in your work.

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Vibrant Autumn Color Palettes

As the leaves fall and the days grow shorter, the art world comes alive with the vibrant colors and emotions of the season.

These palettes not only help you connect with the season but also allow you to convey its beauty and spirit to your audience.

So, as you embark on your creative journey this fall, remember the power of color to tell a story, evoke emotions, and transport your viewers to the enchanting world of autumn.

Fall Color Palettes for your next art commission

In your next art commission, let these 10 fall color palettes be your companions, your muse, and your guide.

Explore, experiment, and create.

These are only Primary color palettes, but I encourage you to create Secondary color palettes based on these.

Play around, make mistakes and trust your intuition when it comes to expressing yourself with color.

Embrace the beauty of autumn and let it flow through your brushes, pencils, and digital tools.

Art is a powerful medium through which we can share the world as we see it, and there’s no better time than fall to paint the world in its warmest, most inviting colors.

So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, embrace the hues of autumn, let your imagination run wild, and embark on a creative journey that captures the essence of this remarkable season.

With these 10 Fall color palettes as your toolkit, you’re well-equipped to bring the magic of fall to life in your art commissions.

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